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Vision offers easy playability, rapid tuning stability, short tonal play-in time, quick bow response and an extended playing life cycle. The Vision Solo set provides clear, warm tone, energetic and intense projection, and focused harmonic content.
Handwound and held to stringent quality standards, Thomastik-Infeld Vision viola strings feature a synthetic core that combines intense projection with a perfect balance of brilliance and warmth. Ideal for advanced violists, especially in orchestral or chamber group settings, Thomastik-Infeld Vision viola strings provide a focused, harmonic projection. A solo version of the Vision strings is also available with slightly different windings that increase the strings energy and projection. Both types of Vision strings maintain their tuning stability and settle in within a few hours. Almost completely impervious to changing temperatures and humidity, Thomastik-Infeld Vision viola strings retain their tonal integrity longer than comparable sounding strings. To balance the warmth of Thomastik-Infeld Vision (non-solo) viola D, G and C strings’ synthetic core, the strings feature windings that are historically brighter sounding. The D and G strings are silver wound, and the C string features a silver/tungsten winding. The A string in the regular and solo sets have a steel core with chromium winding with a removable ball end. The Solo set‘s D string is chromium wound, the G and C are silver wound, all on a synthetic core. Not only do the windings provide added brilliance and help balance the tone, they produce more dynamic overtones, a requisite for the advanced violist’s versatility. All these strings are available as single strings.
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