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Ukulele Strings

Check out our huge selection of Ukulele string sets by clicking on the links below. Individual ukulele strings can be found in the Single Strings section.
Aquila Ukulele Strings
Black Diamond Ukulele Strings
C.F. Martin Ukulele Strings
Curt Mangan Ukulele Strings
D'Addario Ukulele Strings
Dunlop Ukulele Strings
Ernie Ball Ukulele Strings
Fender Ukulele Strings
GHS Ukulele Strings
John Pearse®  Ukulele
La Bella Ukulele Strings
Pahoehoe Bass Ukulele Strings
Pyramid Ukulele Strings
RotoSound Ukulele Strings
A descendant of the Portuguese cavaquinho, the ukulele is a four stringed Hawaiian instrument and part of the guitar family. Although its origins are in Hawaii, the ukulele has become increasingly more popular across the world due to Hawaii’s 20th century music boom and the instrument’s playability. Traditional ukulele strings are gut strings, but most modern ukulele strings are made of nylon or nylon-like synthetic materials. Nylon strings are dramatically cheaper than gut strings, more resilient and not affected by temperature or humidity, allowing the ukulele to maintain its tuning.

Ukuleles come in various sizes, including soprano, concert, tenor, baritone and bass ukuleles. From the small soprano to the large bass ukulele, we carry high quality strings to fit all sizes of the instrument. Our extensive collection ensures you’ll find the right string for your instrument.
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