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Thomastik-Infeld Electric Guitar Steel/Nickel Flat Wound Extra Light, .010 - .044, JS110

Thomastik-Infeld Electric Guitar Steel/Nickel Flat Wound Extra Light, .010 - .044, JS110
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24 Reviews
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By John L.
Great On My Acoustic
May 19, 2022
I use them on my Taylor Grand Auditorium . They give a good resonate bass tone on the lower strings and strong treble on the higher strings.
The flat wound strings
By Sonny
Atlanta, GA
Thomastik-Infeld strings
January 3, 2022
I haven’t used the strings yet, but they will be going on a 1962 Gretsch 6120! I have to replace the neck binding first. Can’t wait! I think it’ll be a perfect match.
By Sloan
Atlanta, Georgia
Just what I wanted
February 3, 2021
I really like the vintage sound these strings impart to my guitar. I play 60s garage/psychedelic rock on a Hallmark Gospel (a Mosrite clone), and these strings have a great vintage mellowness and a hint of chime played clean, but have a characteristic rolled-off high end that gives them an awesome throwback sound. I don't punish my strings, and they've held up great since May of last year, even with moderate trem use and lots of bending.
Good strings that do exactly what I want/need A little expensive
By Rene
Rhode Island
Love these strings
June 1, 2020
I use these strings on a Martin Custom Jumbo. Well balanced, less string noise and easier to play with my aging hands. To play these strings you do need a lighter touch, I finger pick and never use picks. These strings are perfect for my style of playing.
less string noise easy to play Not for heavy pick playing
By Allan
Ocean View, N.J
I think they’re the best!
October 1, 2019
If you like flatwound strings, you;re gonna love these.....easy to play and consistently beautiful sound......never dull or mushy.....and very dependable, ...and the intonation is spot on no matter where you’re playing on the entire fingerboard.....they’re so good that they’re addictive.....I’ve been using them for about 20 years, and I won’t use anything else....as far As I’m concerned......they’ re simply the best.
Beautiful bright sound...easy to play...accurate intonation None
By Mack
Great Strings
February 13, 2015
I put these on a 1964 reissue Telecaster and it really brought the guitar to life. I was looking for the a rock-a-billy and western swing sound and these strings were the missing element. Wonderfully made, extremely smooth, and still bendable. I highly recommend them.
By GregW
Sweet Vintage Sound
December 25, 2013
When I started playing guitar in 1964 flatwounds were the standard on electrics. If you want that vintage feel and sound I highly recommend these strings. I use TI Jazz flats on my Gretsch Tennessean and Rickenbacker 12, and I couldn't be happier. I've also used Pyramids, but these TI's sound just as good with a lighter feel. They're not good for bending, but for picking and strumming they sound great. They also stay in tune very well with a Bigsby.
By Allan
thomastik jazz swing strings-simply the best
November 21, 2013
On a whim, i decided to try the flatwound strings of another manufacturer because they were about half the price of the Thomastiks. What false economy! The intonation was so bad with the cheaper strings that I spent 2 hours trying to get the guitar to play in tune and the sound was dull and distorted. I will never again use any other strings but Thomastik Jazz Swing on my archtop. You would think I would know better-I've only been playing for over 50 years! Live and learn!
By Mike L.
Thomastik-Infeld Electric Guitar Steel/Nickel Flat Wound Extra Light, .010 - .044
October 24, 2013
I found the perfect string for a Fender Jaguar '62 Reissue...these provide the proper tension for the short scale neck, and idiosyncrasy of the bridge, ultimate smoothness and playability. Terrific with vibrato for chord solo pieces. The only strings I'd consider using on the Jag, and I've tried a lot. Probably good on Jazzmasters too.
By zigzag
Swing 10s
August 14, 2013
I agree with everything Michael Roberts said. I was surprised at how bright these strings are for flatwounds, and this may be particularly true for lower gauge (0.10) sets. But I must warn readers that I had two low E strings (6th, 0.044) break when using Sperzel locking tuners, so I had to wrap those strings around posts. This the only reason I didn't give these strings a 5-rating.
By jim
March 5, 2012
I love the feel of these strings, however my high e string broke after 2 plays, not good for what i paid for them.....not happy.
By Gary
JS110 Strings
July 29, 2011
Sound Great.
By TeleRichie
Great sounding strings
July 24, 2011
These sound great, put them on my Telecaster based on reviews. They do sound great, but are taught and hard to bend, yes, harder then roundwounds of the same gauge. Overall, recommended for sound, but not for the usual electric bending style.
By Trevor
July 22, 2011
These strings are like an extension of my body. They're clear, but with a very controllable amount of treble. The only problem is that you can't take them off and put them back on repeatedly, or the middle strings might break.
By Rick S.
T.I. flats
July 17, 2011
Great strings! I have been using them for about 15 years now. They are consistent, and provide good tone on straight electric, solid body and Jazz guitars. Long lasting too!
By HighSpeedSpoon
TI Jazz Flats 10-44
April 2, 2011
I love all the TI flats. The nickel alloy - or whatever it is - gives me a great tone, reasonable sustain, and the strings last a very long time. Also, sets are very consistent so far as I can tell.
By Buz
Love these strings
February 28, 2011
I use these on an Epiphone Broadway for Jazz, Rock and Blues. I play through a POD and the range is astounding. Everything from bright to mellow is available. Very easy to play. Worth every penny!!!
By hm N.
Great strings
February 14, 2011
Just got these strings to replace my old flat wound. These strings are at least 3 times better then the one I had on. I was reluctant to buy these strings because of the price, but after putting them on and then hearing the way my guitar sounded they are the ones for me from now on.

Thank you, Juststrings
By Frank
best strings ever
January 19, 2011
I recently used these flats to replace the heavier gage set on a newly purchased semi-hollowbody Washburn HB-32. After a few very slight set-up adjustments, it played beautifully with great tone and excellent sustain. An additional benefit is that they stay in tune quite a bit longer than other strings I have used, and they last longer between changes. They are definitely worth the extra cost.
By L B.
Very ''bright'' and tight
October 1, 2010
These strings are indeed very bright. They are played on an archtop and have the brightness to allow a very good acoustic sound. My only negative comment is that the strings are very tight and require more pressure than other similar strings. I like them for their acoustic sound but, since I play mostly through an amp, I would choose others for playing ease.
By Reynaldo A.
Thomastic-Infield Jazz Swing JS110
March 20, 2010
Nice set of strings for me looking for that 1950s vintage Rockabilly sound which guitarist used at that time (flatwounds) which were the only ones available at that time but heavier gauges until Ernie Ball came around ('60s) lighter gauges. Guitarist would replace some strings with Banjo strings for lighter gauges (bending). This set of strings you don't have to and have a nice chime to them and vintage sound. Great!
By Debi C.
Thomastik Swing flatwounds
January 8, 2010
The best string! The only set that I use on all of my guitars, I just change the gauge according to instrument. Highly recommended.
By Brian C.
TI Flats
January 3, 2010
These 10's are the "universal string set" that work well on just about any guitar. They can replace the original strings that come on most new guitars without requiring any changes to the neck or bridge set-up. They stay in tune longer, and have much better intonation, than any of the other strings I've experienced on new guitars. I personally enjoy playing more on flats than roundwounds, since there's no string noise as I slide chords up and down the neck. I thinks TI's are the best strings on the market.
By Michael R.
The Brightest Flats
August 5, 2009
If you are looking for flat wounds and don't want to sacrafice your tone to a muddy sound than these are your strings. I have tried all of the major brands and these strings chime like no other flats.

I use these strings on my Epiphone Casino "10 Guage" and my Rickenbacker 350V63 "11 guage".

The sound of these flats on my Casino make my Casino sing like no other set of strings can do. The sound just chimes with great sustain, and that's unplugged!

On my Rickenbacker 350V63 it really enhances that 60 jangle and sparkle. It's bright and really chimes and enhances that sweet Rickenbacker sound.

Also, being flat wound they are kinder to the frets and cause less wear. They also last longer. I change my TI flats about once a year.

I'll only use Thomastik-Infelds Jazz Swing Flats on my guitars that use flat wounds. They give my guitars "The Sweet Sound".






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Nickel Flat Wound



4th D

Nickel Flat Wound



5th A

Nickel Flat Wound



6th E

Nickel Flat Wound




Jazz Swing Series - Flat Wound

characteristics: mellow timbre, powerful, designed specifically for semi acoustic and acoustic jazz guitars

"Jazz is a tradition. It takes years to master jazz techniques. The Jazz musician's fine ear senses the slightest variations in tone quality and a full mellow sound is the ultimate of perfection in traditional jazz. Jazz masters are every bit as demanding as classical artists. The JAZZ Swing Series is a professional flatwound string, handmade by highly qualified specialists loyal to the traditions of legendary instrument-makers and performers.



Founded in 1919, one of the world's largest manufacturers of strings for musical instruments has applied 76 years of experience to develop a new generation of strings.


Vienna, music capital of the world


Our strings are handmade by highly qualified specialists. With our extensive quality control via computer and signal processing equipment, we have successfully combined Old World craftsmanship with state of the art technology.


The results of our research and our scientific approach to string manufacturing -- based on cooperation with musicians and scientists -- have led to the creation of a new line of guitar strings that is exactly what professionals are calling for.


Guitar strings for creative musicians.

THOMASTIC-INFELD is the best kept secret in the music industry. Did you know that for decades most of the great jazz and classical guitar players have chosen THOMASTIK-INFELD strings? Old World quality and experience, combined with the most advanced modern technology available, give you creative tools to meet the highest standards of performance. Perhaps the time has come for you to discover what a chosen few have know for years? THOMASTIK-INFELD cares about the needs of professionals and amateurs. Worldwide."




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