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Thomastik-Infeld Electric Bass Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore 4 String 32" Scale, .043 - .106, JF324

Thomastik-Infeld Electric Bass Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore 4 String 32"  Scale, .043 - .106, JF324
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By Rob
Northern Arizona
Big sound on a short scale bass
August 26, 2022
These strings have the famous T.I. sound.
A big sound, too. On a 30-inch scale "Beatle" style bass, they seem large, compared to the traditional Hofner / Pyramid / La Bella sets. On a particular violin-style that accommodates the 35.5-inch ball-to-silk -- a very robust playability.
By Ralph
Consistent quality
September 10, 2021
These strings never disappoint. I can count on the quality, performance and longevity of every set.
By Dean
San Clemente, CA
Great for Shorter Short Scale
August 17, 2021
My bass guitar has a weird scale length of 30.6" and these strings worked perfectly! Appropriate tension, bright tone, and buttery playing feel! They make D'Addario and other popular brands look like a joke!
By Jerome
Port Townsend WA
66 Starfire bass
November 10, 2019
Love my new flats
By Fernand
El Slinko!
October 10, 2014
I went overboard with Thomastiks. These flatwound bass strings are what the great session players like Carol Kaye use with a pick, I think Carol's maybe even playing the very same set she used on all the great 1960s Motown hits - they do last ;-) Nobody makes strings like Thomastik, it's that simple.

Anyway, I got TIs for several basses, not a cheap proposition, and then realized that although they all sounded and played stone great, these strings are so unique it transformed them all into TI basses. It's like suddenly having a fleet of Bentleys. Go for groceries? a Bentley. Go to the opera? a Bentley. Down to the dispensary? a Bentley. So I had to back off a bit ;-)

These are very flexible and low tension, very expressive, do not fear, they have plenty of body. My one bass that they most completely and irreversibly melded with is a short scale fretless 4 string. A wonderful little SX that cost only a little more than a set of TI flats. With short scale, the tension is even lower, it's like a chorus of shiny snakes is working magically with your fingers, each one wiggling and stretching to please. Amazing.

My 1963 P-Bass ended up with some more poppabble Nickel roundwounds, and my 6 string fretless still has its D'Addario Chrome flats until the day comes and I unpack that 6 set of TI flats that is waiting for it. I check in the Strings Box now and then to make sure it hasn't escaped.

No string fits every occasion. Or every bass. Now, if you have no TI flats, you MUST get at least one set, or two. If you mount them carefully, you can move them between instruments until you find the perfect marriages. And when you do, well, you might just go nuts like I did.
January 3, 2013
These are absolutely the best bass strings I have ever used. I have a short scale Gibson SG bass and I totally agree with the reviewer that stated the strings make your bass sound the way it should. A true sound of the particular bass they are strung on. Yes, they are pricey, but they LAST! I will never use any other strings. Everyone that hears my bass says they want a Gibson bass, but I tell them what they really want are these strings! Worth every penny.
By Wayne
June 29, 2012
I brought my bass and these strings in to the local luthier to get set up. The g-string unravelled while tightening. I called and sent emails to the distributor. I'd even pay shipping and cost. They are nice strings but for the price and poor service I will not purchase again.
By Doug
T-I Jazz Flats - Short Scale
December 26, 2011
After some unsuccessful attempts to find a set of flatwounds that both fit my short scale Birdsong Cortobass and sounded good (or even acceptable), I purchased a set of these Thomastik-Infeld Short Scale Flats. Although they are indeed a tad pricey, they are the best investment in a set of strings that I have ever made. They are a perfect fit for this bass (of course), and they have a rich, warm tone with the correct amount of tension on the 31" scale of the Cortobass. This is also the first set of strings that I have had on this bass that gave me perfect intonation in every neck position with almost no need for any string length adjustments at the bridge! I'll certainly be buying more of these great strings.
By H M.
June 10, 2010
Last November you sent me a email to comment on the product that I purchased. From then until now my opinion is still the same. 5 stars all the way around.
By Sammy
Thomastik-Infled Nickel Flats
March 11, 2010
I love these strings. Mostly because they don't cover up what your bass sounds like, in other words, they make your bass sound like how your bass is supposed to sound. I've put this set on my stingray and it sounds great, greater when I lowered the action. The tension is very light which makes it easy to play and stuff. I also like the color and the texture of the silk. It's red and is a little bit edger I guess you could say. OVERALL GREAT STRINGS I recommend them for any genre and any bass. Just make sure you order the correct scale!! These 32'' fit my stingray but I needed to buy 36'' for my jazz bass due to the G string tuner peg being up so high past the nut.
By Georgiebass
thomastik Flat wound
March 7, 2010
I got these for my Guild StarfireII. Previously I had got Rotosound Jazz Short scale Monel Flatwounds but amazingly they were too short. The Thomastik fit perfectly and sound AMAZINGLY. Finally I found the sound I was looking for,that deep thunder like round sound with presence and definition. I love this strings and personally recommend them.
By JIm S.
Epi Viola
November 27, 2009
My review same as Eric's. A little pricey, but well worth it. The A string sounds a little brighter than the rest of the set. That Viola came to life with these strings.
By Eric S.
Ephiphone Viola Bass
October 8, 2009
I ordred these strings because they have a small ball on the end of the string. Due to the issue of the Epiphone Viola, the string of a flat wound required a small ball to fit in the bridge. These strings are the only ones flat wound that does so that I know of. Though the E string is a bit big for it, and the upper E is a bit small, it works, and now I have flatwounds for my Viola. So well worth it.
By Ben
just amazing!
September 4, 2009
If you own a short scale bass, you owe it to yourself to try a set of theses strings. On my DeArmond Starfire w/ Dark Star pickups, it just sounds incredible. String to string balance is spot on. Buttery smooth feel, no finger noise. Most musical strings I've ever played.






1st G

Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore



2nd D

Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore



3rd A

Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore



4th E

Nickel Flat Wound Roundcore




Jazz Electric Bass

characteristics: smooth, warm balanced

"E-Bass Jazz Series are strings with extended durability and high output. A highly flexible steel core gives the string a balanced feeling and a special character. The overall sound characteristics can be described as very close to the double bass.

and a special character. The overall sound characteristics can be described as very close to the double bass.



Founded in 1919, one of the world's largest manufacturers of strings for musical instruments has applied 76 years of experience to develop a new generation of strings.


Vienna, music capital of the world


Our strings are handmade by highly qualified specialists. With our extensive quality control via computer and signal processing equipment, we have successfully combined Old World craftsmanship with state of the art technology.


The results of our research and our scientific approach to string manufacturing -- based on cooperation with musicians and scientists -- have led to the creation of a new line of guitar strings that is exactly what professionals are calling for.


Guitar strings for creative musicians.

THOMASTIC-INFELD is the best kept secret in the music industry. Did you know that for decades most of the great jazz and classical guitar players have chosen THOMASTIK-INFELD strings? Old World quality and experience, combined with the most advanced modern technology available, give you creative tools to meet the highest standards of performance. Perhaps the time has come for you to discover what a chosen few have know for years? THOMASTIK-INFELD cares about the needs of professionals and amateurs. Worldwide."




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