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Thomastik-Infeld Acoustic Bass Guitar Strings

Click here for a table of Thomastik-Infeld Bass Guitar String Lengths. Click here for a table of Thomastik-Infeld Bass Guitar String Lengths.

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Four, five and six string sets are available from Thomastik-Infeld for acoustic and acoustic/electric bass guitars. Round wound with phosphor bronze on a nylon, non-ferrous core, these strings have an mellow, upright tone. Optimized for piezo pickups, they also have colored silk wrapped ends to lock in the windings.

Customers consistently compare the Acousticore sound to an upright bass and praise its longevity of excellent tone. Many claim they make an inexpensive bass sound as good or better than much more expensive instruments. “The difference was amazing. The bass now sounds like a stand up bass when played acoustically. A really nice smooth acoustic sound with a lot of bottom end and a lot of volume,” and the tone is “a huge warm sound that sustains forever.” Their low tension makes them “soft to the touch and much easier to play than regular acoustic bass strings.” And their long life is extolled by a customer, “they will sound and feel good about ten times longer than any other string … they sound perfect for about a year, and acceptable for another year. And I've never had one break, ever.”
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