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Since 1920, Thomastik-Infeld has been manufacturing and designing new innovative viola strings. Spirocore viola strings’ new multi wire, spiral core design provides more flexibility and more tonal versatility than conventional multi-wire core string designs. With the innovative design of Spirocore, viola players have the ability to effectively play both arco and pizzicato. The core features a flexible steel spiral that allows more elasticity and more sustained vibrations to cater to both playing styles. Spirocore viola strings produce a full, well-balanced and bright tone that can be modified to instrument sound and player preference with each sets’ winding and scale length options. Single strings are also available for set customizing. Spirocore strings for a standard 14 ˝” viola feature aluminum or chrome winding on the A and D string and silver or chrome on the G and C strings. The C string is also available in tungsten. When reading a Spirocore viola strings review, you will find many players suggest the tungsten winding on the C string to brighten the sound of more muted instruments. This 4/4 Spirocore viola set, S23, is available in light (weich), medium (mittel) and heavy (stark) gauges. You will also find Spirocore viola sets for non standard and fractional sized violas, including strings for 15”, 15 ˝”, 16 ˝” and 12 ˝” (1/2 size) violas, all in medium gauge.
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