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Sistil Strings

La Bella Sistil Strings
Popular in Ecuador, Colombia and other regions of Latin America, the sistil musical instrument can be described as a lute with characteristics of both a mandolin and a guitar. Larger than a mandolin but smaller than a guitar, the sistil features 12 strings in six double courses. The sistil can be played for chordal accompaniment and melodic tremolo. These high quality strings will provide bright clarity and sustain for the tremolo and balance for rhythmic strumming. At JustStrings.com, we provide a one-stop shop for hard-to-find instrument strings designed by trusted manufacturers. The sistil strings by La Bella feature plain steel treble strings and nickel wound bass strings. The combination provides bright resonance for high-end tremolo and tonal balance for strumming, capturing the signature sound of the sistil. To ensure customer satisfaction, we provide flat rate shipping, and United States customers typically receive their strings in two to three business days from ship date.
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