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7, 8 and 9 String Guitar Sets

Complete sets are listed in the sections below. Individual 7 string guitar strings can be found in the Single Strings section.
Mangan 7 & 8 String Guitar Sets
D'Addario 7 and 8 String Guitar Strings
DR Strings Seven (7) String Guitar Strings
Dunlop 7 and 8 String Guitar Strings
Elixir Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball 7 and 8 String Guitar Strings
GHS 7 and 8 String Guitar Sets
La Bella 7, 8 and 9 String Guitar Strings
Newtone Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings
Pyramid Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Sets
RotoSound Seven (7) and Eight (8) String Guitar Strings
Sfarzo Seven (7) String Guitar Strings
S I T  Strings 7 and 8 String Guitar Strings
There are several varieties of 7 string guitar strings. Juststrings.com has the most popular 7 string electric guitar strings. We carry 7 string electric strings by D’Addario, Dean Markley, DR, Elixir, Ernie Ball, GHS, La Bella, Newtone, Rotosound, Sfarzo and SIT. We also have 7 string classical guitar strings by D’Angelico, as well as 7 string acoustic electric strings by DR. Giannini offers single 7th strings to convert any of their six string acoustic sets into 7 string sets.

The 7 string guitar was invented to fulfill a desire for additional musical range lacking in the six string version of the instrument. They have existed and been in use for over 150 years. The most popular tuning for the 7 string guitar is B, E, A, D, G, B & e. This is the tuning used on most electric and acoustic 7 string guitars. There are also flamenco sets that utilize two D strings. As with any guitar, it is possible to tune a 7 string guitar to a wide variety of tunings. Some people use a low C or A instead of a B. Others opt to use a high A string, usually a .008 gauge instead of the low B. However one chooses to tune it, the 7 string guitar offers more sonic range than a regular six string guitar.

Although a 7 string guitar is capable of much more low end than a standard six string guitar, it is important to remember when experimenting with alternate tunings and string sizes that it is still a guitar, albeit with one more string. It is not advisable, and in most cases is actually quite impossible, to put an electric bass string on a 7 string guitar. Most 7 string guitar strings come packaged as sets with a low B ranging from .054 to .060. Anything much larger than a .060 is unlikely to fit into the tuning machine. It is also possible to damage the nut of an instrument by trying to string it with strings of too large a gauge.

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