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RotoSound Electric Guitar Monel Flatwound, .012 - .052, RS200

RotoSound Electric Guitar Monel Flatwound, .012 - .052, RS200
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11 Reviews
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27% Recommend this product (3 of 11 responses)
By Lou P.
Silver Creek Rd Hellertown, Pa
July 16, 2022
I have been using your strings for over the past10 years no complaints in fact they work exceptionally.
By Jeff F.
Central Louisiana
No finger noise!
July 4, 2021
If you've never tried flatwound strings, you need to try these. At this price, there's really not much to loose. But in reality you're not losing anything, your improving your sound. Finger noise is gone and takes a recording problem with it. The only drawback is that they may not last as long as the others but to me its definitely worth it
By Carl
First time flats user
February 20, 2021
I like to try different things, picks of all types, strings, anything that makes a difference in the tone of the guitar. Not to make me sound better, or play better, but to research sound. Trying to find the unique elements to find "my sound".
These flat are a load at 12's, but my perspective is a very arthritic fret hand. The lack of noise while sliding is great, for subtle low key playing they have a full bodied warm sound a la George Benson. I'd recommend them for "slow hand" players.
By bandyman
May 11, 2016
Monel is a fantastic material that feels great on the hands and brings more of your instruments natural sound than the majority coming from the string. The packaging clearly states "(w)" next to 4 of the string gauges indicating they are indeed "WOUND" to some degree. Just having Monel alone is worth the compromise of pure flats any day. "Pisha!" I say to the nay sayers.
By bob
Rotosound Flats!
October 13, 2015
A while ago I purchase four sets of these when I used up the last set I had on hand. The first set I opened had a wound G string and the others were gritty. The distributor agreed to take them back which I thought was very fair. Before I sent them back I opened the sets I had left and all the strings were fine, as good as always so I strung up a couple of my archtops with them as the current strings on them were getting old. I guess I got a bum set some how but these strings are great.
By Bob
Changed design??
July 3, 2015
I have used these strings for quite a while and loved the silky smooth feel and lack of string noise. I just bought another four sets and the new strings are NOT the same as the ones I have been using, the G string is roundwound and you can run your fingernail down the string and feel each wind and it has the exact same string noise as my roundwound acoustic set on my Songwriter. The other wound strings have an almost gritty feel to them, certainly not even in the same ball park as previous sets. I strung up my last set two weeks ago and ordered the new ones, playing the guitars side by side its obvious there are two different sets of strings. Has anyone noticed this? I have three more sets and I cant play these strings. Im going to see if they will take them back. Bob
By PatCrow
July 1, 2015
Great product, great price!
By Robert
Feels Like A Half-Round
June 10, 2014
If you don't like the slickness of most flats you might like this one. To me, this is what a half-round should be and I am not a fan of the D'Addario HRs in a 12 gauge. Just too stiff. There is a roughness to the string and a bit more noise than most flats but nothing annoying about them at all. They feel lighter than the 12 Chromes ( I judge by an Ebma7 at the third fret) but the tone is more solid that the Chromes. (I prefer the feel of the Chromes but there seems to be a hollow sound to them). The La Bellas kept me picking of the guitar the most. This is a fine string but not for me (at least on this particular guitar).
By Z D.
RotoSound Flatwound
August 5, 2012
I want to thank Tom Williams for the tip to try these strings.

Just like Tom I use Thomastik but decided to test run flat wounds of different brands. I tested strings based on heaviness, brightness, durability for one and a half years. Half way through I almost gave up because none of the popular brands I tested came even remotely close to the bright jazz sound of the Thomastik, and I thought I was just wasting my time. Most of the strings sounded much darker. What might work well on a Tele if you play jazz on it, but not on an archtop which is already producing a warmer sound.

Finally I've arrived to RotoSound (it was the last one I tested... of course). The sound of the Roto is almost as bright as a Thomastik (very very very close) but it feels a bit lighter to play on the guitar. When you install it you can expect that after the initial metallic-bell time, the sound settles in nicely and the sound quality stays even for a long while. I get about four months use of a Thomastik set, but RotoSound lasted for almost half year for me. Finally they both die suddenly (always in the middle of a gig): start to sound tiny and muddy in a matter of minutes.

I wish they were making heavier gauge sets as well - I am afraid I have to move on to an other brand.
By Tom W.
Rotosound RS200
August 4, 2011
A great string that most jazz guitarists have never heard of. All the warmth and feel of Thomastik George Bensons at less than 1/3 the price! Some jazz/blues players might prefer a .013 set, but I just buy an extra .013 and .017 1st and 2nd string to thicken up the trebles on my full-body archtop.
I think the monel alloy (pure nickel/copper) may even extend the life of the strings vis a vis pure nickel, with no sacrifice in tone.
By Brian J.
RotoSound British Made Good Strings
November 19, 2009
These are very good strings and the only reason I, perhaps wrongly, give a 4 star rating is the gauge I used in comparing this "brand" with another brand. However, the price of these strings "compared" to the other merits a 5 star rating in all respects. D' xxxxx are very popular flat wound and to say I do not, on rarer occasion, buy these would not be honest. The downside is not the tonality of quality as they are every bit as good as other "top sellers" any day. Rather, that RotoSound only offers this, from what I am aware, this "monel flatwound" in one instance; the flatwound monel in 12 tp 52 gauge. If this is the only flatwound they offer (hope not) and in this ONLY gauge, they are missing a grand opportunity to compete hugely in folks who play jazz or just like flatwound strings. The quality for the price is, again, tantamount to strings costing 4 to 8 dollars (without mentioning 'brand') more. Many of us prefer 15 - 56 or the like gauge. I personally like Pat Martino's gauge set up as found with GHS strings but that's for another day or review.

Brian Jett
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