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Red Label Orchestra

Designed and manufactured by Super-Sensitive, Red Label Orchestra viola strings are a heavy gauge and sized to fit full scaled (15-16 1/2”) violas. Although Red Label viola strings are student strings, many players may prefer the heavier gauge for a number of reasons. As the name Orchestra suggests, the heavier gauge will provide a fuller, more projected sound and may help balance out overly bright sounding instruments. Although the heavier gauge usually reduces the bow response, Red Label Orchestra strings maintain an easy playability with these heavy gauge strings. Single strings from this set are also available. Red Label Orchestra features a solid steel core to provide a good bow response, allowing increased playability for students, and the steel core maintains tuning stability. The steel core is also durable enough to withstand changing temperatures, corrosion and humidity. Red Label Orchestra strings features high quality nickel windings, and the strings produce a rich, full-bodied tone. Although these student friendly strings are high quality, Red label Orchestra strings are value priced.
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