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Pyramid Gold Chrome-Nickel Flat Wound 6 String, .013 - .052, 412-100

Pyramid Gold Chrome-Nickel Flat Wound 6 String, .013 - .052, 412-100
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By Robert
This Is Good Stuff!
June 11, 2014
Perhaps the most musical flat I have ever tried. (I tried the Thomastiks years ago but the gauges did not suit me). If the LaBella's jazz tone would not let me put the guitar down, then these strings made me do it for the more-complex quality of tone. It's probably the closest a flat can sound to a roundwound string and that includes some halfrounds. Maybe the nickel makes more jazz sense than stainless steel and I bump up the e & b anyway. Ironically it took me a while to adjust to the tension of this set and tension is not even an issue here. Just used to a fatter feel, I guess. I am glad that these are the last strings I tried this week. I think I will leave them on. When the next archtop arrives I will only have two brands from which to choose.
By Jarvis
Pyramid Gold Flatwounds
February 24, 2013
These strings are both the most expensive and best playing strings I've ever put on my axe.

They tend to be slightly boomy on the lowest strings, but that's easily fixable by lowering the pole pieces on the pickup slightly for those strings.

Worth the price!
By George W.
Pyramid Golds great for jazz
January 3, 2013
I just got a set of the Pyramid Gold heavy set and they are great! I tried the hex core before but didn't like them, did not intonate well. But these round core vintage flatwounds are great.

I play finger style jazz, and back up a vocalist. Since there are only the two of us I must get lots of bass notes in there with both harmony and melody.

These strings have that perfect bass sound, along with a bright jazz tone on the trebles, and they intonate perfectly.

Also, they last and last.

Great strings.
By Doug
Pyramid flat wounds
August 10, 2011
I am primarily a finger style player using more pad than nail. These were installed on my Guild X-150 Savoy built in Waverly.
I have tried a variety of strings on my Guild looking for the right fit, something with enough heft to drive the top, good timbre and nice feel. Strings I've tried: whatever the guitar was originally strung with, D'Addario XLS stainless, Thomastik-Infeld Jazz Swing flat wounds, and Black Diamond Pure Jazz chrome flatwounds. Of the above I like the Black Diamonds the best, but I think from now on I'll be using the Pyramids.
One of the concerns I have with flatwounds is that even though they offer pure tone, they have a tendency to be clunky, lacking singing qualities or sustain. The Pyramids aren't like typical flatwounds offering both pure tone and sustain. They are great for ballads. These strings are a physical pleasure to play as well having a soft silky feel.
By TCampbell
Pyramid Nickel Flatwounds
May 3, 2011
Flatwounds are not roundwounds. They have their own characteristic sound which is much more pure, that is, they produce little in the way of overtones. You'll see it as soon as you turn on your elecronic tuner. They tune quickly and true. These Pyramids are wound with pure nickel, a rarity (only they and Thomastik-Infeld makes such strings). But nickel produces the sweet tone that I prefer. I use these strings on a 1974 Byrdland. I play jazz standards, fingerstyle and love not only the tone but the feel of these strings, smooth as silk with absolutely no finger noise. When changing to these strings you'll find that you'll need to re-adjust your pickup poles as their response will differ significantly from rounds, half-rounds or even flats made without pure nickel. It's simple and should be done whenever a different type of string is used. I prefer heavy strings as they just sound better, and on my Byrdland, with its short scale length, its no problem. These strings are everything I need. They last for months if you wipe them down after playing, so the initial expense is off-set. They're not for everybody, but if your looking for fast (especially with a little 'Fast Fret' on them), smooth, strings with pure tone, these will do the trick quite nicely.
By Larry C.
Pyramid Gold Flats
November 9, 2010
Very expensive.
However, they play & sound great on both my Gibson Super
400's [1972 & 1981], acoustically as well as amplified.
By carl
pyramid gold
July 29, 2010
Sound great on my Johnny Smith with Kent Armstrong handwound. The jazz guitar sound I was looking for.
By dp
pyramd gold flawounf .013-.052
March 8, 2010
I play surf on the Fender Jazzmaster... These big fat strings sound excellent, and feel spectacular. Well worth the money.
By ozo
pyramid gold flatwound.
January 30, 2010
Easily the best sounding and feeling strings. Then again for the price they better be. Sound is warmer than chrome and more punchy than thomastik swing series. So fart the most balanced string. Even on my tele they sound great without being muddy.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Nickel Flat Wound



4th D

Nickel Flat Wound



5th A

Nickel Flat Wound



6th E

Nickel Flat Wound




PYRAMID flat wounds for guitar allow the user to produce exactly the much loved British, Surf, Pop, Rock and Country sounds of the late 50's & 60's and are great for all types of today's music as well. Superlative musical tone and timbre is not all you get with nickel flat sounds. You get great feeling strings, a lower action than is possible with round wound strings and you also get very low finger noise!

Excellent for all types of music, brilliant with the warmth of pure nickel, flat wound with "twang", lush upper harmonics, long sustain, extreme long life, great smooth feel perfectly balanced, extra musical, a joy to play.
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