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Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flat Wound Bass Long Scale, .040 - .105, 640/1

Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flat Wound Bass Long Scale, .040 - .105, 640/1
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By Leigh C.
Monroe, MI
Pyramid Flats
February 21, 2021
Just the best. Worth every penny. I leave mine on for years. Love the sound. If Paul used em, you can too.
Improve with age. Full sound and great deep end. Helps me to get that McCartney sound I so love. Great for reggae, R&B, blues, classic rock. I am a flat wound guy so they work for me. Pricey, but worth it IMO
By raynora
New York
Great strings
November 9, 2019
These have a great feel - not too flexible and not too stiff. You can dig in a little but they don’t tire your hands. They have a slightly rough surface which I like - almost like double bass strings. I’ve had several sets in a row now after trying almost every brand of string out there.
By Tom
Old school tone right out the box!
May 1, 2018
Couldn't be happier with these flats. I had previously run Ernie Ball stainless flats on my 2012 P Bass w/ Duncan quarter-pounders. The stainless flats just sounded too bright. A friend recommended I switch to nickel to get a warmer, more vintage P bass tone. My choices were the Pyramids or the Thomastiks. Decided to give the Pyramids a shot and WOW. Right out of the package, I've got vintage thump. Yes, they are expensive. When it comes to (most) tone, you get what you pay for.
By T H.
November 21, 2016
I had a set that I put on the Fender Squire 5-string I practice on everyday and take to open mic and jam sessions. After I realized that I preferred playing the Squire instead of my more expensive and "better quality" basses, it finally occurred to me it was the strings. Then other bass players all told me how great it played, and I told the truth it is the Pyramid Golds. I have taken my other spare sets of strings to the local independent music store to sell on consignment and will invest in more Golds.
By Doc R.
Not Worth It
November 9, 2015
Pricey strings which lasted three months, maybe. Not played more than once a week. Started out ok, but didn't last. Turned to a muddy tone. Not as good as LaBella flats which were a little less $$, felt better and sounded great for the duration.
By Adrian
Warm and smooth
March 27, 2012
The Pyramids are much stiffer and they don't cut through the sound like the Thomastiks, but they deliver the fattest, smoothest and warmest tone I ever had on my Fender Precision.

And if you ever should have a problem with one of the strings (or a whole set) - just contact the Pyramid factory. The customer service is excellent (and that counts, too).
By John
Great sound, horrible design flaw
August 4, 2011
The first time I tried these I was amazed by the sound. Unfortunately, one of the strings didn't last more than 1 month. I thought it might have been a bad set so I tried them again. the same thing happened: the string unwound while I WASN'T playing. Waited a year thinking it might have been a bad batch. Same thing! Bought a set and the D string broke while sitting in the case. Different bass, different string. Don't spend the money, wait until they fix the flaw.
By David
Pyramid Flat bass
April 20, 2011
Well, encouraged by the positive reviews I thought I would try em out. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but the set I received had a D string with a nasty buzz. After checking everything thoroughly and re-stringing my bass, the problem was still there. Also the E was too dead, but the A and G were fine. I put on some D'Addario chromes and all was well. I cannot justify shelling out 70 bucks for these...so I'll stick with the Chromes, thanks.
By pbassman
Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flat Wound Strings
March 28, 2011
Just the strings I have been looking for. They sound great on my P bass. Even my bandmates commented how great they sound.
By William L.
Pyramid Flats Crush
February 5, 2011
Yes they do.
I have been in string hell for the last two years. Thomastiks: incredible sounds but not enough tension for my next, too easy to play. Labella Flats, come on, you might as well take a telephone cable from up top of a pole in your front yard and string your bass with it, too stiff. Pyramids, just right. Balls yes. pure nickel means it feels like a bass. You need meat on your fingers to play it BUT, light gauges in the right places so it still feels smooth. Finesse, especially in the G string. These strings are polished by a German dude who is REALLY serious about what he does. It's no joke for him. I just know it, I can see him in my minds eye. They feel so smooth.
Used em on a R&B session right away. Danny Mo, professor of Bass at Berklee College of Music says he's gonna take them Thomastiks off and put Pyramids on His 64 P.
These are strings for people who love Ray Brown, Oscar Pettiford, Pino Palladino(check em pino), James J., Tommy Cogbill, Willie Weeks, Cachao, Whit Brown, Fender Bass.
Put round wounds on your 6 string!
Put Pyramid Flats flats on your fender.
By Ted P.
January 20, 2011
If you like flat wounds....these are the perfect string. Pyramid Flats on a vintage P bass....perfection.
By Steve D.
Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flats
November 30, 2010
These strings have a distinctive ("thunk") sound that is perfect for a hollow or semi-hollow bass. I have heard and experienced a difference between the thunk of the E string vs the somewhat twangier sound of the others but this is part of the design (its NOT a so-called "dead" E string). Custom gauges are available and can help achieve a more balanced sounding set. I'm now using 105, 90, 70, 50 instead of the standard gauges but it all depends on what sound you are looking for. Customer service direct from Pyramid in Germany is superb if you need help getting custom gauges.
By Tubman A.
Only Flatwound I'll Ever Use
July 3, 2010
I use these strings on a 60s fretted Fender Jazz with Peter Florance Grey Voodoo pickups. And whenever I get a call for an R&B session, this is the bass I'll use. If you want that real warm, deep, yet SOLID R&B sound--think Motown--this is the ONLY string you should even THINK about using. REAL SMOOTH. There is really no other way to describe these strings--just REAL SMOOTH!!! If you're playing old school R&B or new school NeoSoul, these are for you ;-)
By WillieG
Pyramid Flat wounds
June 28, 2010
Expensive, but well worth it. Fine tone and feel.

Service is great from Juststrings as always.....just wish the shipping charges to Japan were a bit cheaper.
Happy camper.
By Charles R.
You'll never go back!
April 24, 2010
Over the years I've tried a lot of different Flat wounds. Some of them had a very good sound however they seemed to just fall a little short of what I was looking for in terms of growl versus warmth. I finally purchased a set of Pyramid Gold Pure Nickel Flat Wound 640s .040-.055-.075 -.105. The sound is unbelievable and the action is ultra smooth. My search is over. These strings are worth every penny they cost! Try a set and I'll bet you'll never look back.
By Michel V.
Pyramid Gold BFL40
March 26, 2010
C'est les meilleurs corde que j'ai instalé sur ma Rickenbacker. Un son magnifique, doux sur les doigts. Meme qualité de fabrication que les TI's flats, que je trouvais superbe mais elle n'avait pas assé de tension à mon gout. Je pense que jai finalement trouvé les cordes idéal pour moi !

(They are the best strings than I installed on my Rickenbacker. A splendid, soft sound on the fingers. Same quality of manufacture as the TI's flats, that I found superb but it did not have enough tension to my taste. I think that I finally found the strings ideal for me!)
By Hezekiah W.
Warm, Fat and Legendary
January 16, 2010
These strings are smooth as polished glass. They are great for a round, warm powerful bass sound.

I use these with a custom bass (Badass 2 bridge, Alder body, Modulus graphite neck and an EMG PJ set.)

The strings smooth out the sound of the EMG's and the tone that is pumped out of my machine is supreme.

These stings are easily the most important part of my setup and I cannot recommend these enough.
By marktobik
pyramid gold flats long scale
November 2, 2009
Great flats. I've been on a search for the perfect flats for my 1969 fender jazz bass and I've found them in these Pyramid gold flats. They have just the right tension, feel (super smooth), tone (warm, but with some hi mids so it's not dead thump city), and sound (the set is matched perfectly).
I love these flats.
By Mark
these are the best flats!
October 23, 2009
Simply put: best flats ever! The tone and feel are great, almost glass smooth, and the tension is perfect (sort of between your standard flat and a round). Ii have used both the long scale version and the short and both are superior to every other flat I've tried, and I've tried them all. The only thing that slightly bothers me about them is the windings on the long scale are a rather effeminate lavender color. Oh well.
the price is, admittedly, steep, but considering you only have to buy them once for each bass you want them on it actually saves you money. I bought my first set for a short scale bass years ago. Just recently i sold the bass.. still have the strings, and i will use them on the next short scale I own.
If you like flats, and/or the sound that players like Paul McCartney, Phil Lesh, and Jack Casady got then take a chance on these.
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