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D'Addario Humidipak Humidity Control System, PW-HPK-01

D'Addario Humidipak Humidity Control System, PW-HPK-01
Planet Waves
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By Matt
these do work when you use them correctly
June 27, 2017
These work great. The complaints that people have stated about them not working, I believe is due to user error. This is a system that has to stay in a closed environment otherwise they will try to change the humidity of the room they are in. If you keep your guitar case closed they will keep working for months. If you just got the system and your guitar is dried out, they will dry up quickly because it is doing it's job and releasing the moisture into the case and trying to get your guitar back to where it should be. If this is the case and you're in the initial stages of humidifying your guitar and want the pack to last longer than a week, take them into the bathroom with you and have a nice hot
and steamy shower when you notice they are starting to harden up. When you take your guitar out of the case, close the case. Once your guitar is at the right humidity these will seriously last you a good 6 months if you treat them right.
By Don
They work perfectly.
August 13, 2015
Sorry folks, if they don't work for you, you're not using them right. I can see the change in humidity in less than an hour after installing. The case is kept at a constant 46 RH. Try reading the directions.
By mike
March 27, 2011
Save your money, this system is completely ineffective. When I contacted PW they were very understanding and said the initial packets were defective. They sent out new ones immediately. Unfortunately, they are no better than the initial packets.
I have gotten to 40% humidity for a few days, but that's it, then back down to 35 then the packets became hard after a few weeks!
I'm back to a 10cent damp sponge and it works 100% better!
Nice idea, too bad it doesn't work!
Now, if I could just get my money back :(
By Linda H.
February 8, 2011
Love it works great.
By Mark
Seems to Work Well
September 15, 2010
I have tried this for about four months now. The packs are just now starting to get hard so it's time to replace. I haven't checked how they work with a humidity meter, but my guitar seems to have been playing and sounding better since I started using this.
By laurens
Humidipak "System"
June 1, 2010
I have a lot of value tied up in

various guitars so I don't mind the

expense of maintaining the Humidipak

"system" as long as it works.

Our studio is kept at a relative humidity between 44% and 48% relative humidity.

I installed the system in the Geib cases of several gems one month ago.

Reliable hygrometers have traced the RH since installation.

I have never achieved a RH greater than 39%; exactly the results reported by Ralph M.

In addition, how do I know when I am approaching the catastrophe of leakage

as discussed by John P?
By Judy
March 9, 2010
Disappointed with the first packs. Lasted less than one month before they turned hard. Bought replacements and am still evaluating their effectiveness. The system will be totally unaffordable if the packs last only a month.
By Doug B.
Hopeful in Florida
February 11, 2010
Have used for about a month and so far so good. It is an unusually cold winter and the heat is on quite a bit, drying out my guitar. It is now stabilized. I'm anxious to see how it performs this summer in the high humidity of FL.
By Ralph M.
Does not appear to work as advertised
January 8, 2010
I see no change in humidity with or without this product. It does not get the humidity up to its stated claim. The best I can get from it is 41%. Most of the time is stays around 39%.
By John
Humidipak and Just Strings
October 18, 2009
I have just acquired a Taylor NS34ce; it's a wonderful guitar. And so I want the best for it. Taylor recommends the Humidipak, and so I bought one. Sadly, Taylor charges full retail for it; the price here was the best that I found. And here's the best part--I ordered this on a Friday afternoon. I chose standard shipping (US mail), and I had the item on Monday morning!!!!! Now that's service. I'll be buying from Just Strings for all my needs. Thanks, guys.
By John
Save Your Money
October 16, 2009
This product does not do what it claims. The best I have ever gotten from it is 51% R.H. At times, it will go higher. I get the same numbers without it. Yes, I checked humidity gauge.
By John P.
September 17, 2009
This is a really nice idea as you avoid having some water-based system that can leak in your guitar. I have used these for a couple of years and the product works great... No mess, No fuss... Just remember to change the packets every few months or they to will begin to leak.
Maintaining proper moisture content for their instruments is always a musicians' concern. Guessing when to refill or to adjust a humidifier can stump even the experts. The revolutionary Humidipak, Automatic Humidity Control System, makes all the necessary adjustments – without water, drips and mess.

The patented Humidipak is the world’s first true two-way humidity system for guitar that maintains the optimum humidity level for wooden instruments: 48% relative humidity. The “two-way” system means that it actually emits or absorbs moisture as needed to maintain 48% relative humidity. The Humidipak is an automatic system that eliminates maintenance, guesswork and protects cherished instruments. Simply place the Humidipack packets into your guitar, shut the case and let it do the rest.

Humidipak has undergone extensive testing by acoustic guitar manufacturers including Taylor Guitars, the preeminent American guitar maker, who crafted such rarities as The Liberty Guitar. Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars explains, “Most guitar owners are in dire need of humidification for their guitars, but some need the opposite. Until the Planet Waves system, there has been no answer for them. At Taylor Guitars, we are blown away by its effectiveness. The Humidipak that Planet Waves is bringing to the market is among the most important accessories since guitar strings.”

“This revolutionary product is sure to change the way the entire music community thinks about humidification,” says Jim D’Addario, Chairman and CEO of D’Addario & Company, Inc. “We’re confident that the Humidipak will appeal to touring musicians, collectors, those undergoing seasonal transitions or any musician who cares about the investment he has made in his instrument. Our partnership with Bob Taylor and Taylor Guitars has proven to be the ultimate test and validation of this industry-changing product line.”

Planet Waves is committed to partnering with consumers to create the best products possible. As with any new, innovative technology, improvements need to be made as issues are discovered. Planet Waves knows how valuable guitars are and understands that no care system can be effortless. Player monitoring and interaction is recommended to insure that no side effects from the use of this system will occur with your particular instrument or case.

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