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D'Addario Clip-on Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-10

D'Addario Clip-on Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-10
Planet Waves
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By S V.
October 13, 2018
Does not fit well on the 0.45" thickness of my Fender Nohea Ukulele head.
Difficult to fit on my Yairi classical guitar head. As for the display, I find it "murky"
and hard to look at and not as clean looking like the PW-CT-17BK model. When
flipping it open, LCD conductor lines appear everywhere then slowly disappear.
Maybe the display is defective. Disappointed, was expecting much better...
By David
October 20, 2011
I had seen the tuner before I purchased 6 from you and thought it was really neat to fit into a ukulele case. It also works great for tuning a bass without having it plugged in to the amplifier.
By Dale K.
It works
September 8, 2011
I was skeptical about buying my first head stock tuner but it works great. It lights up nice and bright so it's easy to see in low light conditions. I love it.
By MusicMan92056
Planet Waves Headstock Tuner, PW-CT-10
September 5, 2011
Decent tuner but the display is hard to read sometimes. I play a lot of outdoor gigs and the readout is hard to see outside. I also find that this tuner isn't always 100% accurate. It will keep you in the ball park and it is a great value for the money.
By Nonpartisanartisan
It's an illuminated peizo tuner
August 18, 2011
It's a peizo tuner, how illuminating.

My daughter's Yamaha Guitellele with nylon strings was almost impossible to tune. The varying dynamics made it impossible otherwise.

Why only 4 stars? It could use better sampling. On my Ibanez there seemed to be a lot of wander in comparison to my two BOSS tuners.

Pro: You don't have to plug in
Pro: Lighting
Con: Variation, could use more sampling.

Yeah, I'd get it again... just because that Guitelelle sounds fantastic as a "toy" when well tuned.
By Paul T.
Planet Waves Headstock Tuner
August 17, 2011
Something a musician's musician would use....All the positive review's accurately describe the harmony this puppy brings to a player's universe.
By Rick S.
Tuner review
August 3, 2011
Very nice tuner! Works well, very easy to use.
By john
July 15, 2011
Good small tuner.
By Alan H.
Planet Waves Headstock Tuner PW-CT-10
July 14, 2011
Very pleased with this tuner, very small in size and easy to carry along and have when needed.
By Leonid V.
Headstock Tuner
July 14, 2011
Absolutely satisfied with this tuner!
Small in size with large reading window,
easy mounting and accurate tuning.
I can give away now my $99 BOSS TU12,
no comparison with this little one.
It will be also easy tuning with brass instruments and drums around.
I hate to use 9 V battery.
Compliments for design.
By mike c.
planet waves headstock tuner
June 30, 2011
Simple and accurate, it works well on my 6 string, 12 string, and ukulele.
By luke t.
head stockstock tuner
June 24, 2011
Great tuner, good price, I love it.
By Jeffrey B.
June 18, 2011
I have six of these things. I love them.
By Martin
Planet Waves Headstock Tuner
June 11, 2011
A good product - easy to use and accurate results. Seems to be more precise than 'plug-in' tuners.
By Virgil F.
Digital Headstock Tuner PW-CT-10
June 7, 2011
Good product, small, compact and easy to carry. I like it very much.
By Mike O.
planet waves headstock tuner CT-10
May 22, 2011
Fast and easy to use. I have three different items from Planet Waves and I'm convinced that they are the best!
By Woody M.
PW-CT-10 Review
January 10, 2011
Really love this tuner, low profile, accurate and very easy to use. Would have given it 5 stars except that the battery compartment is problematic. The little plastic disc that holds the battery keeps falling off and the battery will fall out. So far I've found the pieces every time, so I just put a little tape over it to hold it securely.
By Ian
November 9, 2010
Very happy with my tuner. Easy to use and accurate.
By Jim G.
Planet Waves Headstock Tuner
November 5, 2010
It works great on my nylon classical, but is even more of a help on my 12-string. It hones in on the pitch without picking up sounds from other instruments. The backlight shift from red to green speeds up the process, too.
By Tom S.
Planet Wave headstock tuner
October 13, 2010
I have used a number of tuners for my tenor banjo. In almost every case, they either can't detect the tone of certain strings without repositioning or they are susceptible to being interfered with by others tuning. The Planet Wave headstock tuner, with a small speaker that lies directly on the wood of the headstock, is completely immune to interference. It is absolutely great!
By David S.
Planet Waves Tuner PW-CT-10
September 6, 2010
I am very satisfied with my new tuner. It is compact in size, clear, and accurate. It can be used in a noisy environment, and in poor light. A light pick of the string using your thumb is all that is required, and the screen changes from red to green, when in tune. A heavy pluck causes it to wobble from flat to sharp. It is well worth the money.
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