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Evah Pirazzi

Evah Pirazzi viola strings produce a brilliantly clear sound around a warm tonal core. These synthetic strings also provide a wide dynamic range. Evah Pirazzi strings are celebrated for offering a sound reminiscent of the warmth of gut strings but with the projection and stability of a steel core. An industry leader in innovation, Pirastro creates strings that produce traditional and complex tones using innovative designs and cutting edge materials. The Evah Pirazzi viola strings feature a sophisticated design using a modern synthetic multifilament fiber core. The synthetic core provides excellent response and is insensitive to temperature and humidity. The A string is wound with steel chrome, the D and G strings are silver wound, and the C string features a silver/tungsten winding. The synthetic core and winding produce the dynamic range of sound and complex tones. Evah Pirazzi viola strings are also suitable for electric violas.
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