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Pirastro Double Bass Obligato Set, Orchestra, 441020

Pirastro Double Bass Obligato Set, Orchestra, 441020
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By Robert C.
Obligato Strings
December 16, 2012
I put them on an old plywood and they were very loud, great pizzicatto, no problem with sustain. Solid fundamental. I frankly put them on a bass I wanted to sell because they put out a LOT of sound.

An excellent multi use choice since they bow well and have surprisingly good sustain for a string known to have a thumb like gut.

It's similar to the Kolstein Heritage strings. The Kolstein's are warmer and last years. I have not had Obligato strings for years so I can't comment.

I will say bowing they have a tendency to roll.
By brad b.
Nice strings
September 2, 2011
I should warn you that a) I play a pretty cheap upright bass, and b) I only change my strings every 3 years or so.

I used to have a DeArmond magnetic pickup on my bass, and for several years only used strings with a high steel content. When I got rid of the DeArmond, I wanted to try something warmer for bowing and pizzicato. So far the Obligatos are great - less tension that what I was used to, so the feel is easier on my fingers. They also have a bright definition (probably because I'm used to dead 3-year old strings) but are warm and dark also. They seem to get more of a "swell" from the bass and more of the wood tone. It hurts to drop $180 on strings, but for me it was a big improvement in tone and playability.
Pirastro Double Bass Obligato Set, Orchestra, 441020
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