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Pedal Steel Guitar Strings

Complete sets are listed in the sections below. Individual pedal steel guitar strings can be found in the Single Strings section.
Black Diamond Pedal Steel
Curt Mangan Pedal Steel Guitar
D'Addario Pedal Steel Guitar Strings
Ernie Ball Pedal Steel Guitar Strings
GHS Pedal Steel Guitar Strings
John Pearse® Pedal Steel Guitar Strings
Newtone Pedal Steel Guitar Strings
S I T Strings Pedal Steel Guitar Strings
We carry pedal steel strings made by: D’addario, Ernie Ball, GHS, John Pearse, La Bella and SIT strings.

Pedal steel guitar strings are available in many different tunings. We carry string sets designed for 10 string C6th and E9th tunings as well as 12 string sets. These sets will work on Pedal steels, some table steels and lap steel guitars. Pedal steel guitar strings are designed to be used only on steel guitars. The tunings these sets use could cause irreparable damage if installed on a standard guitar and tuned to pitch.

Pedal steel guitars are descended from lap steel and console steel guitars. Just like lap and console steels, the player uses a metal slide (steel) to stop the strings rather than fretting. They look similar to a console steel in that they have legs and the player sits on a stool to play them. The main difference between console steels and pedal steels is that a pedal steel guitar uses pedals and knee actuated levers to change the pitch of individual strings. The pedals and knee levers are mounted in such a way that they can be depressed on the fly while the player is playing the instrument, which allows instantaneous tuning adjustment and large bends that would otherwise be impossible. Some instruments come with a fixed pedal setup, others allow the player to customize exactly what each pedal and lever does, allowing for their own pitch changing setup.

Pedal steel guitars are played in a unique manner. Rather than fretting a note (which is impossible due to the high action) the player uses a metal slide (steel/tone bar) to “fret” the strings. It is the same process as playing an acoustic or electric Spanish guitar with a slide. Since they are designed entirely for slide playing (which renders standard chords impossible to play, Pedal steel string sets are available in many different open tunings.

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