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Single Strings for Other Instruments

It may be difficult at times to find single strings for other instruments that are less common. Whether it's a bouzouki or a banduria, an oud or an autoharp, we have you covered. We sell autoharp strings from Oscar Schmidt, a company that has been manufacturing the instrument since 1871. For players of the Mexican bajo sexto, the Spanish banduria or the Greek bouzouki, GHS offers a range of stainless steel roundwound, plain steel and silverwound strings appropriate for each instrument. Banjo, dulcimer and fiddle enthusiasts, as well as those who play the Portuguese cavaquinho, will find superior quality strings from D'Addario. Other instrument strings that we feature include those for the cuatro, the oud and the requinto guitar. These are available in different materials, such as silverwound, stainless steel, silverplated wound and others, including nylon strings for the requinto. Finally, for the ukulele, single strings are available from GHS, D'Addario and Italian manufacturer Aquila. The Aquila company produces one of the most popular brands of ukulele strings, made from Nylgut, their own synthetic blend of nylon and gut.
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