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Optima Electric Guitar Strings

Our Optima gold guitar strings are not only exotic and beautiful. These high end gold strings will give you the brightest, richest tone, superior sustain and are incredibly long lasting. Made with 24 carat gold-plated wrap wire round wound over a hex steel core, they are resistant to corrosion and wear. They're also widely used by those players with nickel or stainless steel allergies, as these special strings will not cause any allergic reactions. We have these gorgeous golden guitar strings available in 6 different sets ranging from super light to regular tension. The plain strings are steel, and the steel wound strings are wound over a hexagonal steel core. Both the wound and the plain strings are 24 carat gold-plated. Our customers report that the Optima gold strings last longer, stay in tune, have a smooth feel and never corrode. These characteristics make the Optima guitar strings a tremendous value. Note that these strings were originally sold under the name of Maxima gold guitar strings – yes, these are the same Optima strings.

Optima Chrome offer a less expensive alternative to the Gold plated sets. And Optima Jazz flatwound offer polished strings and double wound basses.
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