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Mandola Strings

Complete sets are listed in the sections below. Individual mandola strings can be found in the Single Strings section.
Curt Mangan Mandola Strings
D'Addario Mandola Strings
GHS Mandola Strings
John Pearse® Mandola Strings
Savarez Mandola Strings
Thomastik-Infeld Mandola Strings
A member of the mandolin family, the mandola is to the mandolin what a viola is the violin. Popular in bluegrass, classical and Italian and Irish folk music, the mandola is also the alto member of a mandolin quartet. Tuned to the same pitch as a viola C-G-D-A, the mandola is tuned one fifth lower than a mandolin. Although tuned lower than a mandolin, it’s important that mandola strings provide tonal brilliance and sustain required for chordal accompaniment and tremolo play. Typically the mandola string gauges are medium or light tension to complement both methods of playing. At JustStrings.com, we carry the best mandola strings manufactured by leading American and international string companies. Featuring eight strings paired in four unison courses, most mandola strings are phosphor bronze wound to produce a brilliant and full-sounding tone. You will also find mandola strings in silver, bright bronze and flat wound chrome. The tension you choose will depend on the characteristics of your mandola. For a warmer sounding instrument, the lighter tension may help to brighten the tone of your mandola.
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