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Single Loop End Strings

D'Addario Loop End Single Strings
Ernie Ball Loop End Single Strings
GHS Loop End Single Strings
John Pearse Loop End Single Strings
Savarez Loop End Single Strings
At JustStrings.com, we carry single loop end guitar strings from the world's leading manufacturers. Their many years of expertise produce the highest quality and most technologically refined strings on the market. From GHS, we have chenilled, phosphor bronze, and plain and stainless steel strings for banjo, tenor banjo and mandolin. Our D'Addario single loop end strings are available as nickel wound, phosphor bronze and plain steel. French manufacturer Savarez offers acoustic guitar metal wound or plain unwound steel strings. We also carry nickel wound strings from John Pearse and stainless steel wound from Ernie Ball, as well as unwound steel strings from both. Tone is affected by the type of material used. Among wound strings, pure nickel gives you a warmer vintage sound. A nickel-plated steel wrapping produces a brighter, louder tone. Harder metals such as stainless steel and chrome will give you the brightest sound. Experiment with different materials and construction to find just what you're looking for.
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