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Laud Strings

La Bella Laud Strings
The Spanish term for lute, the laud is similar to the instrument in a lot of ways. A member of the cittern family, the laud is similar to the bandurria, and the description of the laud is almost indistinguishable from the bandurria, except the laud features a longer neck. The laud instrument also features 12 strings in six double courses instead of the bandurria’s 10 strings. A popular instrument in Cuba, the Cuban laud typically has a shorter neck and may have 14 strings in seven double courses. Played in accompaniment with the guitar and the bandurria, the laud is a staple folk instrument in musical troupes called rondallas. An industry leader in traditional instrument strings, La Bella produces laud strings ideal for tremolo play and chordal accompaniment. The top two courses are plain steel to provide brilliance and sustain, and the bottom four courses feature a silver-plated winding for a bright, crisp tone. To ensure customer satisfaction, our laud strings are quickly shipped, and United States customers typically receive their strings in two to four business days from the ship date.
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