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HRS Series

The Mari family was among the earliest string makers in 17th century Italy beginning with gut strings for violins. In 1913 they relocated to New York and added steel strings to their popular line. Currently in Newburgh, New York, they are one of the largest and most well respected manufacturers of strings for a variety of instruments. In their Hard Rockin' Steel (HRS) strings, they use nickel-plated hand wound technology, using fine nickel wire from American wire mills. The use of hard temper wire makes them resistant to string wear adding to their durability and longevity. La Bella Hard Rockin' Steel strings are available in different gauge sets for individual instrument characteristics and to complement various playing styles. The Light set has gauges between .009 and .046. La Bella Hard Rockin' HRS-M Medium gauge strings are .010 to .048. These hard rockin' steel medium strings may be the best set to try first, as they offer a good range for a rich, bright tone. We also have Regular gauge (.010-.046), Extra Light (.009-.042) and Ultra Light (.008-.038). Our La Bella Hard Rockin' Steel guitar strings are vibrant, long lasting and flexible for bending and sustaining notes. They're ideal for the needs of rock guitarists everywhere.
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