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La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Strings

(La Bella Strings are only available for shipment to addresses in the United States, U.S. Territories & Possessions, and APO FPO destinations)

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Not sure what length you need? This might help: Bass String Lengths by Manufacturer
Just Strings offers a large selection of La Bella bass strings. La Bella has been famous for their electric bass strings since the invention of the electric bass 60 years ago. Perhaps the most famous Labella bass strings are their Deep Talkin’ flatwound and roundwound. La Bella Deep Talkin’ Flat Wound bass strings have been the first choice of many pro musicians since they were first introduced in the 1950s. These are the original La Bella Flatwound bass strings, and have been made the same way they have been since the ‘50s and ‘60s. La Bella Deep Talkin’ Round Wound bass strings are La Bella’s original design round wound strings. The 760R Deep Talkin’ sets have round stainless steel wrap wire on a thinner than usual core, giving them La Bella’s unique sound.

La Bella Black Nylon Tape Wound bass strings are designed for great tone, sustain and superior longevity. These La Bella bass strings are stainless steel wound strings with a final wrap of black nylon tape. This makes them perfectly smooth. Black Nylon Labella bass strings are recommended for use on all fretless electric basses as well as any acoustic bass guitar for great standup bass tone. La Bella Deep Talkin’ Quarter Round bass strings are lightly ground to a smoother than usual finish, but not ground quite as much as half round strings. This process gives them the advantage of being smooth to the touch, and retains most of the brightness of roundwound strings. Their smoothness makes for less wear on your fingerboard and frets.

La Bella Fender Bass VI strings are La Bella's original Deep Talkin’ flat wound specially designed to fit the Fender Bass VI. La Bella Bass VI strings will give you the vintage sound you need. La Bella "Original 1954" Flat Wound bass strings are the same strings used on nearly all MoTown gold records in the ‘60s. Donald "Duck" Dun used these very same strings on many records with Otis Redding and Booker T. & the MG’s. "Original 1954" Labella Flatwound bass strings are the deepest, fullest sounding bass strings available.

La Bella Hard Rockin’ Steel bass strings are the ultimate rock bass strings. These La Bella bass strings are extremely bright and have extra long life. They are a very flexible round wound stainless steel string, making them perfect for sustaining and bending notes. La Bella Hofner Beatle Bass strings are made to exact specifications to fit Hofner Beatle Basses. These sets are made to special gauges and lengths calibrated to properly fit the bridges used by Hofner.

La Bella Slappers Bass Strings combine the warmth and smooth feel of nickel strings with the brightness and power of stainless steel strings. These Labella bass strings are made with a stainless steel initial wrap on a steel core, followed with a nickel plated outer wrap wire. La Bella Super Steps bass strings have a clear, distinctive tone and very quick, accurate response. These extra flexible strings utilize an exposed core wire over the bridge which gives them very good high overtone response.

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