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La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Deep Talkin' Bass Stainless Steel Flat Wound (37" Wound length), .049 - .109 760FM

La Bella Electric Bass Guitar Deep Talkin' Bass Stainless Steel Flat Wound (37" Wound length),  .049 - .109 760FM
La Bella
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By Harrison P.
La Bella 760 FM
November 28, 2012
Recommended by Ed Friedland, long time bass player, author, has recorded with Motown greats and jazz players like Larry Corryell and Robben Ford; columnist for Bass Player magazine, and author of many books, including Hal Leonard's Blues Bass, where he suggests that the 760 FM strings give you "the fat round tone associated with Blues bass." Paul McCartney also uses La Bella strings on his basses (Hofner and Rickenbacker). Not sure which ones, but La Bella makes a Hofner specific set.
By david w.
April 22, 2011
I put a set of these strings on my fender American standard jazz bass and I was very impressed with the feel of the string and the sound.they are one of the best flatwound strings on the market today and are more than able to do the job for music that requires that flatwound sound.
By Anthony
LaBella 760FM
January 31, 2011
The best sounding flats I've ever tried. Oodles of tone. Only problem is, my G-string broke the 3rd time I used them.
By Andrew
LaBella .109-.049 Flats
July 14, 2010
The only reason they don't get 1 star is because I liked the sound while they lasted.

Lost my the 0.069/D string within 2 weeks. Wanted to adjust the saddles, so I loosened the string slightly and as I turned the string is broke about a 1/2" from the tuner, within the fabric winding. String wasn't even up to tension. Never had a problem before with any other strings.

The sound was great for what I play. Feel was good, but I expect much more out of strings in this price range.
By John
La Bella 760FM
April 25, 2010
sorry, submitted a review without clicking the stars above . . .
By John
La Bella 760FM
April 25, 2010
I'm very disappointed in these strings.

I put them on and got excited. Perfect dimension and tension for my bass, and really great acoustic tone. I thought I had found the perfect strings.

Then I played through my amp and the sound disappeared.

It took me a while before I figured out why I didn't like them, but finally realized that these strings have no sustain, only attack.
By Chris
LaBella .109-.049 Flats
December 13, 2009
Very soft feel, nice blue silks. Even sounding, good fundamentals. Used on Epiphone Jack Cassady Signature with foam mutes, gives me the best Motown bass sound I've ever had. Not too much tension for flats. Tried D'Addario Chromes before, didn't like them. Next time I shall try the beefy Jamerson set.
By Yipper
Labella Deep Talkin' Bass Flatwounds
August 14, 2009
Using this on an early 70s Precision and an 80s Jazz Bass Special Fretless. Great strings with good clarity (for flatwounds) and consistency - especially on a fretless, the open notes have a similar timbre to the fingered notes. They have a good fundamental, without the muddiness that you can get with flats. Great for that vintage sound.
Important note: La Bella flat wound strings are not suitable for use on instruments that require through-body stringing.






1st G

Flatwound Stainless Steel



2nd D

Flatwound Stainless Steel



3rd A

Flatwound Stainless Steel



4th E

Flatwound Stainless Steel




Flat Wound Stainless Steel

"The 760R and 760F series are La Bella's original formula Round Wound and Flat Wound electric bass string.

Since the Fifties and Sixties, La Bella's DEEP TALKIN'BASS Flat Wound Stainless Steel strings have been the first choice by many professional bass players. These long-lasting flat wounds are recommended for fretless basses."


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