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La Bella Acoustic Guitar Silk & Steel Light, .011 - .051, 710L

La Bella Acoustic Guitar Silk & Steel Light, .011 - .051, 710L
La Bella
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By Wayne
Sweet and mellow
January 1, 2020
You finger pickers are going to love these strings. A soft mellow sound and feel.
By Dan F.
Enjoying the strings!
May 17, 2014
I took a risk because I usually use D'addario EJ-16 strings but I'm a big fan of Donovan and his sound and he uses the light La Bella Silk and Steel strings. In the past with bigger guitars I found Silk and Steel strings just wouldn't last and never had more than a muffled tone. This particular string brand and gauge is a great fit for a mid sixties slope shoulder Gibson guitar, just like Donovan discovered. It has lively trebles and warm tones in the mids like a classical guitar and there's still enough bass even with less tension on the top. I have had them on now for the past day or two and have been enjoying not having to retune when changing capo positions, really lovely lilting tones that take a medium pick or fingerpicking or fingerpicks, and a warm mellow balanced sound. I even strummed hard for few tunes and it stayed in tune and sounded great! I'm not sure these will last several weeks but I will report back if they don't. 2 days on and I'm very satisfied.
By hm N.
Great strings
February 9, 2011
These strings are of excellent quality. I bought them to put on my classical guitar. That was a big mistake. If I weren't paying attention to what I was doing it would of yanked the bridge off my guitar. I put them on and I heard cracking; I quickly looked for the source of the noise and the bridge was coming off. I quickly started to loosen the strings and saved the bridge. It was too much tension on a classical guitar bridge. For me, I thought a bridge could hold anything you throw at it.
By Kirk L.
review of strings
October 9, 2010
These strings are definitely worthy of a try for anyone thinking that maybe phosphor bronze strings are not the only string for every situation. These feel really great (lower tension), the finger squeak is reduced by the silk inside and you can feel quality when you play them.
How do they sound? Bright, but not overly so. Warm, but in an unusual way. Balanced, good, different. Give these a try because they have a very good tone and have that intangible of top quality that many strings do not. Oh, and they sound damn fine through the humbuckers on my ES335 style guitar also.
By Matthew
Best Folk Style Steels
January 20, 2010
After trying many brands of traditional and silk/steel strings so far these has been the best I have tried. The guitar they are used on is an older parlour sized guild, these strings really brought out the sound on this guitar.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Silver-Plated Copper Wound on Silk Filaments



4th D

Silver-Plated Copper Wound on Silk Filaments



5th A

Silver-Plated Copper Wound on Silk Filaments



6th E

Silver-Plated Copper Wound on Silk Filaments




La Bella Acoustic Steel String

"LaBella's acoustic guitar sets are comprised of perfectly balanced strings and are available in a choice of many different gauges. Accommodating today's acoustic players and their instruments, these varied set designs present many options for stringing. Only the finest American-made materials are used -- high quality plain steel and superior bronze alloys. Handcrafted by skilled technicians, LaBella guarantees every string that leaves the factory.

Over the centuries, the problem of prolonging the life of metal strings has plagued both players and string makers. Today, some manufacturers have discovered a quick fix method to prevent oxidation from occuring. They coat the metal strings with a polymer or synthetic material. This process stifles the wound string's sound production and does not guarantee a longer life. Any surface treatment deadens the natural transmitting powers of the string and dampens the high overtones associated with a good wound acoustic guitar string.


Silk & Steel

The Silk & Steel wound strings have silver-plated copper wire wound on pure silk filaments wrapped over a steel core. Preferred by finger-style guitarists for their great volume and mellow tone, these strings are meticulously hand-wound using a pure Italian silk underlay and have less tension than standard steel or bronze wound strings."


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