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La Bella Acoustic Guitar Silver Plated Round Wound Medium Light, .011 - .052, 700ML

La Bella Acoustic Guitar Silver Plated Round  Wound Medium Light, .011 - .052, 700ML
La Bella
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By Warren
February 22, 2013
silver plated labella
Been through a lot of strings looking for a good balance with lows and highs and these strings blew me away. Balance great and less tension. Highly recommend them especially for fingerstyle. The 710 silks are great also if you want a bit darker.
By Slavicus
February 24, 2012
La Bella Silver-Plated
I have these strings on my Fender CD 60. I have used them for the last 9 months, and they are still soft, flexible and sound great. There are no symptoms of wear after this time! Silver-plated wound gives them rich and warm sound with balanced sustain. They keep in tune over 3 weeks after each tuning.
I also use La Bella EL-R on my electric guitar, and they are great too.
La Bella is without doubt the best brand on the market. : )
My rating 500 / 5






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Silver-Plated Wound



4th D

Silver-Plated Wound



5th A

Silver-Plated Wound



6th E

Silver-Plated Wound




La Bella Acoustic Steel String

"LaBella's acoustic guitar sets are comprised of perfectly balanced strings and are available in a choice of many different gauges. Accommodating today's acoustic players and their instruments, these varied set designs present many options for stringing. Only the finest American-made materials are used -- high quality plain steel and superior bronze alloys. Handcrafted by skilled technicians, LaBella guarantees every string that leaves the factory.

Over the centuries, the problem of prolonging the life of metal strings has plagued both players and string makers. Today, some manufacturers have discovered a quick fix method to prevent oxidation from occuring. They coat the metal strings with a polymer or synthetic material. This process stifles the wound string's sound production and does not guarantee a longer life. Any surface treatment deadens the natural transmitting powers of the string and dampens the high overtones associated with a good wound acoustic guitar string.


Silver-Plated Wound

Used for wound steel strings more than seventy years ago, LaBella's Silver-Plated Wound sets are the original modern steel strings set design. Made with silver-plated copper wire wound on a steel core, this traditional string has slightly less tension than bronze strings."


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