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La Bella Classical Guitar 2001 Classical Medium Tension, 2001-MT

La Bella Classical Guitar 2001 Classical Medium Tension, 2001-MT
La Bella
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By Johnny R.
I Love These Strings!
August 6, 2013
When I first strung my guitar with these and hit a chord it sounded exactly how the classical guitar in my head sounded! Amazing balance of warm and bright, super easy playability, great overall feel and sound. And they last!
By Larry P.
Tubby G String
November 23, 2012
I replaced these srings with a set of D'Addario EXP44. Before stringing my Takamine TC132SC with these I was playnig the D'Addario EXP46 strings which is my favorite set of strings to date. In general I am not a fan of medium/normal tension strings for this guitar. The tonality of this set did not seem to ring like the EXP44 set. The G string always had a tubby sound to it. The strings in general were too flexible for me. This is not so much a criticism of the brand more of the string tension. The LaBellas did take a long time to setlle in, about four weeks. I also feel that for the money D'Addario gives you better tonality at a cheaper price.
By Ant
June 21, 2011
Superb strings, great punch and volume and crisp trebles great for my style of melodic fingerpicking!
By Craig C.
Re: La Bella Concert Series 2001 Med. Ten. For Takamine Classical Guitar
June 4, 2011
Over the years I have tried just about every classical string for my 1976 Takamine C-132S and this particular La Bella string by far brings out the richest tones for this guitar...I only hope La Bella does not discontinue them!!
By D
La Bella Classical Guitar 2001 Classical Medium Tension, 2001-MT
September 5, 2010
Have to disagree with a previous review. After trying many brands, I have settled on this as the string for my guitar. To my ear, these bring out the best sound from my instrument. They are clear sounding and are responsive to subtle changes in technique. The fact they also have a longer useful life than other strings make them the choice for me.
By Scott
April 26, 2010
Not great strings, the G strings has that coloring the sound effect, they don't seem very lively.






1st E

Clear Nylon



2nd B

Clear Nylon



3rd G

Clear Nylon



4th D

Wound Silver on Nylon Filament



5th A

Wound Silver on Nylon Filament



6th E

Wound Silver on Nylon Filament




"La Bella's newest string series - premium quality nylon and wound strings for both classical and flamenco guitars."

2001 Series Classical Guitar Strings


"The 2001 Series Classical Guitar Strings are the product of years of intense research and development. During the formulation of the 2001 Series, prototypes were tested worldwide by fine performing artists and teachers. These guitarists expressed a need for classical guitar strings with a greater response, clarity and sustaining power. To meet this demand, La Bella redesigned both the treble and bass strings according to new specifications.

For this new product line company president, Richard Mari Cocco, developed a new synthetic monofilament nylon for the treble strings. Seeking new substances for creating superior strings he would not settle for the materials offered by the allied industries. Instead, Mr. Cocco formulated an innovative material called Nylon 202. Its development coalesced only after months of collaboration with engineers specializing in polymers.

Nylon 202 strings have a superior sensitivity to the touch. They are extruded as a monofilament that will not fray. Strings made with the multifilament properties of carbon fiber can unravel causing finger lacerations. Our new treble strings produce a greater aural transparency and are capable of extraordinary sound projection.

The new design for the bass strings equals the achievements of the high density Nylon 202 trebles. This construction improved the ratio of wire exterior wound wrapping to the nylon filament core. Different from the composition of other strings, these basses produce a clearer and more sustaining tone. The 2001 Series' unique string design surpasses all other classical guitar sets with their exceptional memory for pitch and consistent sound production.

2001 Medium Tension strings are responsive and sensitive to the slightest left hand vibrato and subtle tonal changes produced by the right hand. They combine a high performance capability with a tremendous ease of playing.

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