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La Bella Electric Bass Guitar "Original 1954" Flatwound (37" Wound length), .052 - .110 0760M

La Bella Electric Bass Guitar "Original 1954" Flatwound (37" Wound length), .052 - .110  0760M
La Bella
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By Alan D.
Use with caution
October 6, 2017
For sure the most authentic old school sound and feel of any flatwounds I've ever used, including a set of Lakland Joe Osborne Flats that have been on one of my basses for 15 years. The tension of these strings is extremely high, so be prepared for a truss rod adjustment after installing. Necks that are prone to bowing may not be able to handle them at all. If your truss rod is already tightened all the way, you're out of luck. As expected with the heavier gauge, these strings have a big sound, though nuance is a little more difficult to achieve and even slight bending is out of the question. Also, for some reason the E string (.110) didn't produce much bottom end on my '62 P Bass compared to other strings that I've used.
By Steve D.
Secret Weapon...
July 8, 2013
If you own one of the new generation of retro-style "tailpiece" short/medium-scale basses (Ibanez AFB/AGB200, ARTB100; Gretsch 5123B/5433/6073/6119B/6129B, etc.) and are looking to recapture those classic '60s sounds - or just get some "wood" in your tone - these strings may be the key. Much of the secret to obtaining a viable tone from a ~30" scale instrument is in string mass/tension - go too thin/light and the oft-heard complaints about thin and/or indistinct tone become justified. These strings will not only lend greater definition to your tone, they'll also give it a woody, organic quality as the increased vibrating mass brings some "top tone" into the mix. I've been using these strings on my Pedulla for the last 15 years, and when I acquired a Gretsch 5123B I thought they might work well; needless to say, they didn't disappoint. If you're used to a "slinky" feel from your short-scale you'll need to adjust your technique (as well as your truss rod), but a bit of practice will pay major dividends in terms of tone; bear in mind also that they won't fit a stop-tailpece instrument like the Gibson SG Reissue (you'll need the 760FM-S set) - the added distance between the bridge and tailpiece allows for use of a long-scale length. These aren't slap-and-pop strings - and were never intended to be - but if you're looking to duplicate the iconic Brit-Invasion/San-Fran tones of the mid-60's, or play bass in an acoustic setting and don't want to clash with the lower register of your 12-string jumbo-toting rhythm guitarist, they're just the ticket...
By Craig P.
April 16, 2011
These are the best flats I've ever played. After being broken in you'll know why everyone loves these strings.
By douglas
deep talking flats
February 27, 2011
I have been playing bass for 25 years & they are the best strings I have ever played.great tone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Marc W.
Only strings I will use.
January 17, 2011
When other bass players compliment my sound I give most of the credit to the strings. In a world of modern tone and roundwound strings this set will help you stand out.
By Randyt
Original 54 Labella
January 11, 2011
These are a great set of strings...if you are looking for the original groove (thump) of the Motown Era...Build quality and feel are impeccable!...Second to none...But...Due to heavy gauge, do not attempt string through body...top load only!
Also, if your into very fast technical runs...this string might not be for you?...questionable due to such heavy gauge. If you like Low, soulful groove, thump...look no further.
By matt
string review
December 13, 2010
Bought these for Drop-D tuning. great big sound but the gauge on the A was hard to get used to, its much heavier (in relative terms) in comparison to the other strings in the set.
By Tim N.
Labella 0760M Flatwound Bass Strings
October 26, 2010
This is an excellent set of strings for that truly "old school" feel. Impossible to find in Dallas (as is most good bass equip). I use many different strings for various basses and am able to consistently find what I need here at Juststrings. I have never had a bad order so I cannot comment on customer service, but their prices are very good and always ship well within the stated delivery time. This is my string store for now and the future.
By James T.
April 6, 2010
Good strings!
By Joe C.
Product Review
March 10, 2010
Great strings. I am very happy with them. These strings are not easy to come by. Thanks Just strings.com for having them, and also such a vast selection of other strings. The price is reasonable too. I will always do business with Juststrings.com.
Important note: La Bella flatwound strings are not suitable for use on instruments that require through-body stringing.






1st G

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



2nd D

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



3rd A

Flat Wound Stainless Steel



4th E

Flat Wound Stainless Steel




(Registered trademark of Fender Musical Instruments, Inc.)
Flat Wound "Jamerson Set"

The 0760 set was used by the legendary James Jamerson on virtually every Motown hit record in the Sixties. Donald "Duck" Dunn used the same strings on countless recordings with Otis Redding and Booker T. & the MG's. They are the fullest and deepest sounding bass strings ever.


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