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John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Pure Nickel Wound, .012 - .054, 960L

John Pearse® Acoustic Guitar Pure Nickel Wound, .012 - .054, 960L
John Pearse
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By Jim
South Saturn Delta
Good stuff
November 9, 2019
I put these on a Martin D-41 that I usually use either Martin Marquises or Elixer Nanowebs on. The Pearse strings sounded every as good as the Martins or Elixirs, but different. I thought they had a certain clarity in the top that I hadn't heard before and the individual strings seemed to be more distinct when playing a chord. They respond well to fingerpicking as well as flatpicking. if you've never tried them I'd highly recommend a pack to experiment with.
Clear, open. Sometimes the individual strings seemed to distinct when playing chords.
By Mark S.
Nickle Wound strings on Taylor 526
February 20, 2017
I have been trying numerous strings on my Taylor 526 (mahogany top, side and back). The Nickle wound Pearse strings are the best fit to give a great sound. I tried Bronze (too throaty) and Silver Silk wound (too tinny). The Nickle ones are the bomb!
By Kenny S.
John Pearse Nickel Wounds
June 24, 2016
I had just recently put a set on my old Taylor and, as always, John Pearse have never failed me in over 25 years of playing and repairing. If there is anyone out there reading this and, has never used John Pearse Strings. Just give them a try.
By Russ F.
John Pearse 960L nickel wound acoustic strings
February 17, 2014
I LOVE these strings! Out of the pack, freshly-installed, the sound I want is THERE, immediately! I play bare-handed using a mix of fingernails and fingertip flesh, so I cannot attest to how they sound with a plectrum - but if they are anywhere as good with that as they are fingerstyle, you want these on your guitar! On my Gibson J-45 they give me the clearest, most transparent sound I have ever gotten from this guitar. To my ears, it is like hearing the actual guitar uncolored by the windings' material. It seems to me the sound is better balanced, but I still get that glorious low end "whomp!" on the low E. Installed on my casual guitar, a battered Seagull S-6, they sound simply amazing, yielding a punchy fundamental tone from the cedar top with (again) a very balanced sound. I don't have to compensate for anything with these strings, which I really, really like. It's nice to get to be wildly enthusiastic about strings!

Prior to using these, I had primarily used John Pearse 600L phosphor bronze light gauge strings, which are pretty spectacular themselves - but these nickel wound strings suit my current playing style so much better!
By Glenn
John Pearse Pure Nickel Light Gauge
November 25, 2013
I've been trying a variety of strings and put these on a mid-80s Martin D-28. These may not be my favorite strings tonally, but they are unquestionably the loudest strings I've ever played, whether fingerstyle or with a pick. If you need to be heard above the din of a noisy venue, these strings will do the trick. They have good balance and really get the face of the guitar moving.
By Jim
Like a Whole Different Guitar!
December 8, 2012
One of the things I love about Just Strings is the opportunity to try new and different sets. After using many quality strings, I was motivated by price when I selected these. Finally, got around to putting them on my Breedlove and was completely bowled over! These have brought forth tones I've never had before. A really full, even sound all over the neck. These were a great find and now I've come back for more. If anyone asks, I'll tell them the John Pearse Nickel Wound Lights are my favorite strings... EVER!
By Mike
Nickel strings
June 19, 2012
These strings are great for an Adirondack top/mahogany back & side Dreadnaught. Very warm, woody tone.
By Mark T.
John Pearse pure nickel wound 12-54
March 22, 2011
I've been using elixir 13-54 lately on my Ovation Balladeer. A little boomy on the base side. After reading some reviews, I gave these a try, and am very happy so far. A little lighter, good string to string balance, not so bassy. Good single notes, good chord sound. Would buy again
By Sean
J Pearse Nickel
February 1, 2011
I have tried a LOT of strings, i play a Gretsch G400JV, big acoustic archtop. These strings really give it the sound I was searching for. from big strums to chunk rhythm, single note runs these work great. Work nicely when I use a vintage DeArmond floating pickup also. I am not a purist but my favorite acoustic tones are from a era before bronze strings and these do it. I break a bronze string every 3rd set; these I can get several shows out of.
By john
Pearse Pure Nickel Strings
November 11, 2010
These are great strings! I have always been a fan of JP's strings, but these are just what the doctor ordered for my RK/Schoenberg 0 size cutaway!

Great sound, lower tension and make that wonderful fundamental tone.

Love 'em!
By Paul
April 9, 2010
Great for finger picking blues on a small body guitar.
By jeff
john pearse nickel wound
November 25, 2009
Love the tone of my 00-18v with these strings--great fundamental tone that brings out the clear, dry mahogany small body sound. I'll order more I'm sure.






1st E

Silvered Plain



2nd B

Silvered Plain



3rd G

Pure Nickel Wound



4th D

Pure Nickel Wound



5th A

Pure Nickel Wound



6th E

Pure Nickel Wound



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