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John Pearse Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze, .011 - .052, 570

John Pearse Acoustic Guitar Phosphor  Bronze, .011 - .052, 570
John Pearse
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8 Reviews
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By Mark
Sebastopol, California
John Pearse 11s
March 25, 2022
I've been playing John Pearse 12s on my Martin D-35 for years. I like the volume of heavier strings for rhythm guitar but not so much for finger picking and leads. 12s were the compromise. Because I'm getting a little arthritis in one of my fingers, thought I'd drop down to 11s, and they work great. The tone is really beautiful, and they are bit easier to play. Regardless of gauge, John Pearse strings are the best. If you have not tried a set, give them a try.
  • Very beautiful tone
  • With lighter strings, you do give up a bit of volume.
By Rich
You have to find another shipping company.
December 22, 2020
I have always had great service from Just Strings until recently. I think the John Pearce Phospher bronze are the best PB strings I have tried. Hey if they are good enough for James Taylor, why not me..
Shipping USPS has become horrible. The strings I am reviewing have not arrived yet.- ordered Dec. 6 and it is now Dec. 22. The prices are great so let’s add a bit more money to get them shipped in a reasonable amount of time.
I will not be placing any more orders until Just Strings starts using another shipper or USPS gets its act together.
  • Great tone, long lasting, good sustain without too much overtone.
  • Shipping, shipping, shipping....did I mention shipping?
By 420
Excellent Acoustic Guitar Strings
September 28, 2020
I find these strings feel great and sound excellent on any acoustic guitar. You can't go wrong with these strings if you are looking for high-quality acoustic tone.
By Tom
Just Strings, Just Great!
September 1, 2020
Love these on my Martin D28
You folks deliver fast!!
By Bob
Not so much
November 16, 2019
Sorry to say I was a bit disappointed with this brand of strings (John Pearse)... I found in a very short time from installing them, they began to fray at the tuning peg end of the strings (G string went first wouldn't you know it). I tune up each time before playing but for some unknown reason these strings didn't out last this practice. I also noticed strings 1 & 2 had a bit of a tin like sound and thats not too great a sound with an acoustic guitar. Yes, they were a less expensive choice (which I was excited about at the time). Probably best to pay a little more for better strings upfront.
  • Cheap price
  • Didn't last long... sound on strings 1 & 2 seemed flat.
By Max
North Oregon coast
Good replacement for Elixirs
October 2, 2019
I started getting way too many dud sets from Elixir & found these. They sound better and last almost as long. I use the 570s on my standard tuning guitar and the 600L on my guitars in various open tunings.
  • Great tone, warm, musical midrange, last a long time for uncoated.
  • I wish they made a set with a bit more scooped midrange ...something similar to Martin Marquis. I also like the silk-wrapped swages on the Marquis. If JP made them, I would buy them.
By Anakai
Keaau, Hawaii
Finger Savers That Wake Up Small Body Guitars
October 1, 2019
I get the tonality and performance that I experience with the J.P. L600 sets for my regular sized instruments without the finger agony when I string up my 12 fret parlor guitar and my carbon fiber travel guitar. I still get that sustain and clarity for days, good note articulation and long lasting intonation. Even using Taro Patch tuning, they still keep a good low end resonance even though they're a lighter gauge on the wound strings.
  • The price/performance balance for these strings is worth buying them at least six sets at a shot and keeping them in a sealed military style ammo box with silica gel dessicant to keep them fresh until when needed.Once on a guitar they last a good long while even when finger picked or flat picked aggressively.
  • Well, yeah, they're kinda pricey compared to cheap strings... but they're NOT "CHEAP" STRINGS: they're GREAT strings.
  • (They also work okay on standard sized guitars with higher pitched open tunings, but some low-end resonance loss can be expected)
By Angelo E.
Curitiba - Brasil
Acoustic strings Phosphor bronze the best
September 27, 2019
For me the best string I've ever used. The tone is fantastic and I get a long warm sustain. Use with a different pitch and the bass strings don't lose the bass !!
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