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DR’s Hi Beam strings are fifteen sets of stainless steel, round wound on a round core and are their most popular bass guitar sets. Included in this series are 4, 5, and 6-string sets and long, extra-long and short scale sets. Wound on a round core, Hi-Beams are more flexible and less harshly bright than other stainless steel strings. They are also known for their long tone life, string to string consistency and balance, playing ease and non –abrasiveness on frets. Our customers say that the HI Beam sound is “Super Light, Super Bright, and super Funky (LR-30-120),” and has “…some of the richest fundamentals I've heard, a very pleasing sound with great detail and lots of interesting harmonics (LLR-40).” Their longevity and comfort is also praised by players - “these strings last three to four times longer than anything else I've ever used and they feel great (LMR-45-125),” and “these are bright, long lasting and have the low tension that I look for (LR-40).”
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