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Helicore Light

Get a faster bow response and more focused sound with our D'Addario Helicore light tension viola strings. D'Addario strings are expertly crafted for a clear, warm tone. Was:
When you're looking for quicker bow response and a more precise sound, try our D'Addario Helicore light tension viola strings. D'Addario has been producing musical strings for over 300 years, and their expertise shows in these premium strings for acoustic viola. Their Helicore viola strings are made from stranded steel core wire, which provides a clear, warm tone and optimal playability. These strings can be used for many different instruments and playing styles. Light tension strings are recommended for a faster bow response and if you're looking for a lighter, more delicate sound. Instruments can vary greatly in sound quality, and though most players use a medium gauge string, you may find that a lighter (or heavier) string works better on your particular viola. JustStrings.com low prices allow you to experiment with different gauges until you find exactly the feel and sound you're looking for.
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