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GHS Electric Guitar David Gilmour Signature, .010 - .048, GB-DGF

GHS Electric Guitar David Gilmour Signature, .010  - .048, GB-DGF
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26 Reviews
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By Mark
Richmond VA
Great Strings for my Strat's
September 19, 2022
In the line of Great GHS Guitar Strings the David Gilmour Signature Series (10 - 48) provide great tone and response.
Big sound Heavier wound strings Lighter plain strings Long Life Great GHS tone None
By brityank4
Eastern MA
Great Strings
January 13, 2022
Been using them for a while now on the Gibsons. Highly recommended. Just the right thicknesses on the B and G strings.
As above. Really none.
By Ron
Great Prices
March 12, 2021
just strings is my only go to place for both electric and acoustic strings
price none
By Sean
Newark, Ohio
Great strings
September 28, 2020
Great strings at a great price. All my strings will now be coming from juststrings
By David
Montreal Canada
Great tone. Stays in tune, and last long.
October 1, 2019
Have been using boomers for several years. I am using 9-46 for standard tuning. As the band went to Eb tuning. Since my trems are all floating. changing to this set, practically kept the same tension and feel of the strings.
Great tone. Stays in tune, and last long I can't find any. I would like a 9 as the high E but that's just a preference, not a con.
By Ken
Gilmore Single coil strings
November 24, 2017
I love these things. They hold their tone forever and seem to last so munch longer that other brands I've used.
By Dawson
Pretty Awesome
December 11, 2014
Okay, for 3 bucks, I expected crap. Then I put them on my start and let me freaking tell you these are awesome. It takes me about 2 weeks to notice a loss of brightness, but I play hours on end every day. Plus I also buy bass strings so these are perfect if you want amazing tone and a less expensive string.
By Dan
David Gilmour GHS Blue Boomers
September 23, 2011
I use these on my Tele and was very impressed with the playability, durability, and tone. Gives the Tele a little more lower end. Inexpensive too!
By John R.
GHS Electric Guitar Strings
July 13, 2011
I really like the David Gilmour Signature strings. Thanks for your prompt service in filling my order.
By Ian M.
GHS David Gilmour Series (.010-.048)
May 29, 2011
First of all, I want to say that I love David Gilmour!! I think Dave Mustaine said it perfectly that David could do more with one note than most musicians can with the whole fretboard. These are great strings, very playable
By FenderDOOD
GHS Bommers Gilmour series for Stratocaster
May 18, 2011
If you are like to bend your strings all the way across the fretboard, you cant go wrong with GHS boomers, and the Gilmour series has the perfect mix of bendy treble strings and boomy bass strings. A must have for dialing in that perfect David Gilmour tone.
By Giorgio
GHS Boomers 'Gilmour'
December 4, 2010
Great strings, a must if you play Pink Floyd, they are bright and yet 'thick'. I only use these on my Black Strat.
By Zak
Strat Tone chasers rejoice!
November 4, 2010
These strings have such a good twang to them, great for blues, rock, anything really.
By FenderDOOD
GHS Gilmour Signature, GB-DGF
September 27, 2010
These strings are awesome if you like to bend strings. They are very tough and will stand up to bending very well. THe specific gauge for these atrings is really cool because you still get super bendy treble strings with booming base strings. A must have if you're looking for "that tone"
By J O.
david gilmour strings
August 31, 2010
The best string I have found for my 52 RI Telecaster. Just the right gauge. Try them.
By Erikc
Gilmour strings
June 23, 2010
Love them! The tension feels great! Their sound/tone is great, nice little extra thump with the thicker E.

Think I found a new favorite string!
By Dan
David Gilmore GHS Blue
May 4, 2010
I put these on my Telecaster on was very impressed with the playability and the tone. It really gave some low end to the Telecaster making it much more user friendly for Blues and Rock.
By Dan K.
So-So Strings
April 16, 2010
I have been playing for over 30 years. I used to use GHS Boomers, then switched to John Pearse about 3 years ago. I bought these Gilmour strings to try GHS again....they're "OK". What I don't like is that after about 10 -15 total hours of playing time, I'm noticing wear that I haven't seen with the Pearse.

I'm not a professional and can't be critical in a scientific sense, but as a long time player, this is my opinion. I won't be buying the strat strings again. I still haven't installed the Les Paul strings.
By e g.
David Gilmour strings
February 17, 2010
I am retired and I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. I decide to buy a nice guitar so I just purchase my first Fender Stratocaster and the strings that were on it were not working for me. I have been strumming this guitar 3 or 4 hours a day now I have 3 of David Gilmour solos down and I can tell you this, his strings will hold up with very very little tuning adjustment. I am glad that I found juststrings.com and you can't beat the price so stock up and save on shipping. If you are into bending those strings and wondering are they going to break on you then this is the only brand you need GHS Electric Guitar David Gilmour Signature, .010 - .048, GB-DGF
By brett b.
December 3, 2009
Great, that's all to say, they are great.
By Shannon
Gilmour strings
November 13, 2009
These are absolutely fabulous on my strat. The bottom end is extra solid due to the heavier guage low strings. On the top end the more slinky strings make for easy bends and a nice bite on the top end. These are a VERY highly recommended upgrade for stratocaster (and style) guitars!!
By John M.
GIlmour signature fenders
November 1, 2009
I have the David Gilmour Relic Strat, so I wouldn't use anything else. They sound perfect!
By J p.
Great feel and tone.
October 14, 2009
Great strings! Very impressed with how balanced the feel and tone are. The slightly lighter gauge high strings are great for bends and the heavier gauge low strings yield a solid, articulate tone. I think I've switched permanently to GHS!!
By RedHook
Gilmour Sig 10-48 set.
October 12, 2009
Sound great on my Strat Standard. Great pricing too.
By Michael P.
GHS Davis Gilmour Signature Strings .010 - .048
September 29, 2009
I had ordered these to try them out. I was attracted to them because of the price so I ordered 6 sets. I put them on both of my Fender Stratocasters and I was immediately delighted by the playability of the GHS Gilmour Set. I used to use another major brand in a .010 - .046 set and I had been wanting to try a set of strings with a heavier bottom without sacrificing the bendability of the .010 set. The Gilmour Set delivers everything I had been looking for in a string. It has a heavy bottom with the bendability of top strings that are easy on the fingers and the tone of these is amazing. This is the most balanced set of strings I've played. I would reccomend these to anyone who wants the best of both worlds tone, bottom end and bendability. I'd especially reccomend these to blues players, you'll get the tone you want without killing your fingers.
By Phil
David Gilmour Strings
August 21, 2009
This is the best set of gauges for me. A little lighter on the high end for bending and a little heavier on the low end for a thick sound. Excellent GHS sound.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Plain Steel



4th D

Nickel Plated Steel Roundwound



5th A

Nickel Plated Steel Roundwound



6th E

Nickel Plated Steel Roundwound



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