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GHS Electric Guitar - Precision Flatwound Rock & Roll, .009 - .042, 750

GHS Electric Guitar - Precision Flatwound Rock & Roll, .009 - .042, 750
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28 Reviews
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71% Recommend this product (20 of 28 responses)
By "Bob"
Great strings.
May 29, 2022
I bought 2 sets, 1 for my Hagstrom and put the other on my Grote and both sound really, really good. Smooth playing and decent for the price.
  • Good sound.
  • Smooth to play.
  • Too expensive
By John
Great Flatwound String & Price
May 8, 2022
There aren't many options for flatwound .009s. Fortunately these are excellent at an amazing price.
By Jasbower
GHS flatwound Rock & Roll strings
April 20, 2022
There is a time and a place for flatwound strings. Not everybody's cup of tea, but for some applications they are just the thing. These strings are excellent.
  • Smoother sound, less string noise when sliding. Better for jazzier sounds.
  • Not as bright as round wound. Use those for hard rock.
By George L.
Northeast CT
Great flatwounds in hard-to-find 9-42
April 6, 2022
Flatwounds in the .009-.042 gauge are extremely hard to come by. Thanks GHS for making these! They are so smooth. I've been converted from round-wounds. These are my strings from now on. Just Strings is my new source and I'll definitely be ordering more.
  • Great item, great quality, great vendor. Fast delivery too.
  • None
These are my new favorite strings
March 19, 2022
Consistent flatwound tone, AND they bend like the strings you learned to play on. Since these strings are lighter gauge than most other flats, they have more high mid clarity (just like lighter gauge roundwound strings when compared to heavier gauges). GHS, please keep making these strings.
  • Great tone, great feel, great price
  • none
By Bruce
Clarence, NY
Very Nice!
February 11, 2022
I bought these for my semi-hollow body jazz guitar, to replace an old set of Thomastik flatwounds.

At first impression, I like them a lot. They are brighter, and provide a more balanced sound across the fretboard than the old set, which tended to sound really dark in the lower registers.

In my book, they are keepers.
  • Pleasing balanced tone.
  • Easy to play.
  • None so far. I want to check out their durability.
By Wayne
Apache Junction Arizona
Great strings for vintage type tones
January 5, 2022
Strings are great easy to bend and have that vintage tone I was looking for. Grab a set if you're looking for that sound.
By Jens
Southern Utah
great string no zipping sounds
November 15, 2021
I find the flatwounds great for eliminating the sound you can get when sliding your fingers on the strings. And the .009 inch size are perfect for bending, etc.
  • see review
  • None
By Pat
La Habra, California
Never a squeak
September 11, 2021
All guitar strings should be flat-wound. Never a squeak and effortless slides. This strings are awesome!
  • Lively
  • Fast
  • Squeak free
By James M.
Flat and fast
August 28, 2021
Great quality and fast playing.No more squeak.
By kevin
best sound by far
June 5, 2021
i put a set on my strat, and the difference in sound/volume is astounding.
They feel kind of weird to me, and being that i just installed them, ill wait and review
playability later.
but immediate impression is the sound by far is the best ive ever heard.
also waiting to see the life span, since they are pricey, i want at least 2 months.
  • sound
  • slightly stiff, pricey
By Mike
Nice smooth and warm sounding strings
May 17, 2021
I have played guitar for decades used many sets of GHS boomers but never tried flatwounds. I may be a new convert. Love the tone and ease of playing them on my Duesenberg Starplayer.
  • Tone
  • Playing ease
  • Price
By Chris
My own private Idaho
Thanks juststrings.com!
February 18, 2021
Iím glad I found this place. Great selection and prices.
By Mike
Western Massachusetts
GHS Electric Guitar - Precision Flatwound Rock & Roll, .009 - .042, 750
January 22, 2021
Best Flatwound strings available for my 1989 Fender Stratocaster Strat Plus guitar! These strings are fantastic. After restringing my guitars, I always tune each string then bend and hold each string, in multiple locations along the fretboard, then retune the string. I find this helps the strings stay in tune longer. These GHS 009 Rock 750 flatwound strings are so smooth and easy to play and they still amaze me at how well these stay in tune. I would recommend these to anyone looking for quality strings at a reasonable price. JustStrings.com shipped my strings along with a 5-pack of promotional guitar picks - much appreciated! Itís great to know that there is a reliable source for quality strings at a reasonable price to rival the big box conglomerates! Thanks to all!
  • Strings stay in tune
  • Smooth action on the strings
By FlexibleFlatsX9
Sharon, CT
Nice set of strings
January 14, 2021
These strings are perfect for a balanced feel and are smooth. Out of all the flat wound strings I've used, I find this set of 750 9-42 flats to be the nicest. First time buying from Just Strings. Great prices and service!
  • Nice balanced tension, smooth, great tone.
  • As usual with any flat wound string set, they are 3 times the price of the round wounds I will use, but worth the extra money. I only use flat wounds on my Bass too.
By Bruce
Eureka Springs, AR
Best Strings Ever
December 22, 2020
These are the best strings I've ever used. I wish I'd tried them years ago.
By Jim S.
A great place to get your strings
December 20, 2020
I really like the GHS flatwounds. They feel and sound great. Juststrings has always had them in stock when I need them. The price is good and the shipping is fast.
South Burlington, Vermont
Fabulous Strings!
August 17, 2020
I just put these strings on a fender Stratocaster. They replaced a D'Addario round-wound 9.5-44 set. The string tension is about the same, so no changes needed to be made to the neck, nut, or tremolo spring action. I can't believe the difference in sound and playability. My Strat has Vintage Noiseless pickups which are high output and fairly generic. These strings made it more so in a good way. They are inherently mellow and produce absolute bell-like highs. Now my Strat is totally versatile and can play mellow jazz or crisp rock and blues. Because of the light gauge, string bends are just slightly more difficult than a round-wound set, but very doable. They are smooth as ice and quiet as a church mouse. Time will tell if they are long-lasting, but I have no reason to suspect that they won't be. If you want to hear and play something different on your Strat or Tele, these will be a grand experiment that you might really grow to love.
  • Smooth
  • Quiet
  • Mellow sounding but with bell-like highs
  • Low tension
  • Just slightly less bendable than light gauge round wound strings.
By Dennis
Millersville, Maryland
GHS Flatwound strings .009 - .042
July 4, 2020
I like them a lot. Will be buying more in the near future. Also, thanks for the picks.
By Gordon W.
Keokuk, Ia.
WOW !!! I finally found them
June 1, 2020
I canít believe I finally found them. I have looked all over for these strings and the only place I found them was Just Strings. Thanks just strings.com. Iím a happy guitarist again. Nick Grawcock at Sweetwater turned me on to you guys. You know ifIf Sweetwater didnít have them you know it was something hard to find. Thanks guys for being Just Strings.
  • Can?t find it? Check out Just Strings.
  • Zero.
By John S.
Perfect Strings For Me
May 28, 2017
I play a Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus and after trying out many different string construction and gauge types I keep coming back to GHS 750, Flatwound 9-42's.
They just feel great to me, for blues, rock, whatever I want to play.
The reason is simple, they are quality built flat wounds on the low E, A, and D strings.
Slides are satin smooth with no sticking to my fingers that I have had to put up with using round wound strings. In addition, compared to regular round wounds, the tone remains consistent and much easier to keep clean due to the wound smoothness when wiping clean after playing. No one is paying me, I just am really sold on these strings.
By Kevin B.
Fantastic Strings
January 6, 2012
I wasn't sure when I ordered these if I would like them or not. I have never been a fan of 9's and usually go for 10's because 9's always sounded tinnish to me. These however are Fantastic! They feel great, silky smooth and have the warmth of flatwounds with the clarity of roundwounds. I'm a believer and if they hold up well, I will be switching to these on all my electrics!
By Tim B.
July 25, 2011
Big price jump-ouch!!! great strings!
By jack m.
flatwound 750 ghs
June 28, 2011
I've been using these for over 30 years. Not once have they let me down. Southern rock: no problem, blues sweet sounding, sometimes I play very aggressive depending on the moods ha !!
I hope this help's all of the rockers young and very ???
By russell b.
flatwound strings
June 2, 2011
I like the selection of strings you have. You're the only place I have found that has flatwounds. I like the selection and the service is fast. I give a 5 star rating.
GHS Electric Guitar - Precision Flatwound Rock & Roll, .009
February 22, 2011
Love the feel. This is the only place I have found to carry .009's. Easy to play great tone for blues.
By russell b.
ghs precision flatwound strings 750
February 4, 2011
Hi, I received my order today just 3 days after I ordered. I love your company for the fast service and having these strings when no one else has them. I give these strings and you a 5 star rating.
By Jack S.
flat wound .009
August 10, 2010
Great strings, love the feel. This is the only place I have found to carry .009's.






1st E

Plain Steel



2nd B

Plain Steel



3rd G

Plain Steel



4th D

Stainless Steel FlatwoundÔ



5th A

Stainless Steel FlatwoundÔ



6th E

Stainless Steel FlatwoundÔ




"GHS Flatwounds are made with highly magnetic stainless steel flat wrap for greater volume, longer durability. Velvety smooth surface."

GHS Strings


"GHS Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality strings for fretted instruments. GHS produces strings for electric, acoustic and classic guitar, electric bass, banjo, mandolin, and a wide array of specialty and ethnic instruments. From Battle Creek, Michigan, USA (where GHS was founded in 1964), fresh-from-the-factory strings and music products are delivered direct to retail stores in the USA and to distributors in over 70 countries around the world.

With over 200 standard sets and 700 single strings, GHS has a set that is right for you.

String Design

The string specialists at GHS bring a craftsman-like approach to each aspect of string design. From material selection to such intricate factors as core-to-cover ratio, winding direction, wire tension and alteration of the wire, GHS designs state-of-the-art strings that enhance the sound quality of all playing styles and instruments. And with ongoing research, GHS develops string innovations that anticipate music trends and instrument modifications worldwide.

String Manufacturing

To build a quality product, state-of-the-art equipment is a necessity. At GHS, all strings are made on machinery designed and built in-house. The GHS design engineers utilize the latest technology to develop computer controlled string making machines that monitor such intricate parameters as the number and type of twists on the ball end, winding speed and direction, core and cover wire tension, cover wire angle and wind length. Modern quality control methods ensure that the final product meets GHS's rigid specifications.

Factory Fresh

GHS knows that you want your strings to be as fresh as the day they were made. All GHS facilities are environmentally regulated to control temperatures and humidity. Sensitive raw materials and bulk products are further wrapped in protective bags for storage. Coiled strings are placed in string packets that, in independent laboratory tests, have proven to offer the optimum protection from humidity. Finally, the GHS swift order shipment (usually within 24 hours of order placement) guarantees that GHS strings arrive in your retail store factory-fresh.

How String Material Affects Tone and Feel

The hardness of common materials used in the cover wire of strings affects both the tone and "feel" of a string. Usually, with all else remaining constant, the harder the material the brighter the string. This relationship shows why stainless steel produces a very bright sound and nickel, a softer material, produces a warmer sound. However, a hard material can be abrasive to both fingers and frets. At GHS, our unique "Alloy 52", used in Progressives and White Bronze strings, is softer and less abrasive than a stainless steel but produces a tone almost as bright. Common cover wire materials include (ranked by order of brightness) stainless steel, Alloy 52, nickel plated steel, pure nickel, and for acoustics, brass and bronze.

The core wire for all strings and all plain steel strings (both acoustic and electric) are made from tin plated Swedish steel."



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