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GHS Electric Bass 4 String 34" - 36" Scale, .045 - .095, Precision Flatwound , 3025

GHS Electric Bass 4 String 34" - 36" Scale, .045 - .095, Precision Flatwound , 3025
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By Jerry H.
Ann Arbor
Great old school bass tone!
January 26, 2022
Some basses that are a bit brite with other strings, sound great with GHS Precision Flatwound strings.
By Jerry F.
Great strings
June 19, 2021
Ok.....I've been waiting for new flat wound strings. GHS has nailed it. 50 yrs. Playing bass... these are by far the best!
  • Smooth...no finger noise
  • None....
By Ray
January 7, 2021
Great strings. Excellent tone. Easy on the fingers.
By John B.
Not as positive, sorry
October 31, 2015
I had them mounted on a Lakland Hollowbody, and have since replaced them with DR Sunbeams, my favorite rounds. My disappointment with them was in the uneven response across the board-- D and E were nice, good definition, clear, yet nice full- sounding. A and E, however, were muddy, indistinct. I have used Brite flats, which are better, IMOP, than these, but when I want a true, clean, and even response, I go to my preferred flats: TI jazz flats. Which are expensive, I know. But I buy them for the sound, and they are very long-lasting.
Maybe I got a bad set. So these didn't last long for me.
By Edward
THE flatwounds
December 27, 2014
Great feel and tone, it really DOES sound like butter. Just put this on my Hofner bass... and even not plugged it sounds so yummy. After much research, I discovered my favorite band "Tame Impala" uses this same exact strings on their hofner... If you want a good preview of how these sound on a hollow body bass... listen to "Feels like we only go backwards" Pure deep mellow, yet articulate and fundamentally wholesome.
By Bobby
GHS 3025 Bass strings
September 21, 2012
These strings feature deep, punchy, old school tone that can't be beat and have that already broken-in feel. Having said that, I ordered these strings for my 1995 American P-Bass, and they just don't do it for me. The gauge is too light for my pretty aggressive right hand fingerstyle. Light strings have less tension; and although these strings sound great, I can't attack them the same way. I ordered a new set of GHS M3050 which I have used before and loved. Just wanted to try something different...
If you have a lighter finger picking style, or need strings that are easier to fret or bend, I recommend these without hesitation.
By Mike
The ''Immortal'' String - GHS Precision Flats
June 8, 2012
I call them Immortal, because of how long these last with tone and just in general. I had these on one of my bass for longer than 3 months and was satisfied on not just how long, but also how WELL they lasted. Flatwounds are known for a very unique sound that can give you almost an upright bass sound, and these (at least in my opinion) didn't have that upright tone. They kept the sound of an electric, which is what appeals me. So if you're looking for upright sounding strings, look elsewhere.

Take note of how low priced a set of these GHS Flats are. Generally a good set of flats costs 40$+. HOWEVER, you do not need to spend that much money for sheer quality. These strings give you a taste of what real flatwounds are. By any means, I am not saying that you can or cannot find better flatwounds than these GHS. I'm simply stating that you can find much quality in these strings for such an amazing price.

The tone is obviously mellow. For those of you who play in a metal band, or compose or cover metal music of any sub-genre, then you may also want to look elsewhere. I play a few songs of my own that were Thrash Metal. Bad move on my part. They do not produce a sound that will satisfy you metal-heads. Steve Harris, Bassist & Founder of Iron Maiden, uses a custom flatwound set. So you CAN do metal with these, but not easily like Steve can.

Flats give you a very unique sound, but make sure these are what you want before you purchase an expensive set of flats first.
By Matt
GHS_3025 Precision Flats
May 25, 2012
I just replaced the set of chromes I had on my Yamaha SBV 500 with a set of these. The GHS strings are less tensioned which works well for this bass. The strings are musical and sound good. They play like melted butter. These cost a little more, but are well worth it.
By misteruglypants
GHS_3025 Precision Flats.
May 25, 2012
These are great. I put these on my Yamaha SBV-500 and it now sounds smooth as silk. I had Chromes on it before these, but the GHS strings are less tensioned, which is my preference for this bass. Nice and musical sounding, harmonics ring well. I am glad I made the change. These cost a little more, but for a nice, low tensioned light-gauge flat, the GHS strings top all.
By Fretlessguy
GHS Precision Flats Long Scale
February 7, 2011
GHS Precision flats currently reside on three of my fretless basses. I have found them to be very balanced from string to string, and easy to play because of their silky smooth surface. I use the light gauge (.45-.95) which do not sacrifice any sound quality from the heavier gauged P Flat sets I have used before. Not only that, but the price is a plus as well.
They have a more traditional sound than the TI and Chrome sets I've used.
By Dean
January 30, 2011
Best strings ever.
Perfect for the hofner.
By Ted G.
GHS Precision flats
October 20, 2010
These strings have just the right balance of tone, tension, and 'feel.' Added tension over roundwounds is perhaps a pound per string (if that) and the tone is deep and mellow, but not thumpy or dead sounding. Great price, too. I use them on my jazz bass and get a great, deep tone with a jazz-induced edge. Highly recommended.
By kevin p.
August 11, 2010
Great strings.
By Ray S.
GHS Precision Flats
February 25, 2010
Plenty of great flatwound thump on my P-bass. Very smooth strings after a brief break in period. Nice tension. What sets these apart for me is the balanced sound from all 4 strings, not just boomy on the low end and dead on the high end like others I've tried.






1st G

Stainless Steel FlatwoundÔ



2nd D

Stainless Steel FlatwoundÔ



3rd A

Stainless Steel FlatwoundÔ



4th E

Stainless Steel FlatwoundÔ




"Traditional deep percussive tone with improved presence of A and E strings, thanks to cross winding of the underlay wraps. Final cover is polished stainless steel flat wrap."

GHS Strings


"GHS Corporation is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality strings for fretted instruments. GHS produces strings for electric, acoustic and classic guitar, electric bass, banjo, mandolin, and a wide array of specialty and ethnic instruments. From Battle Creek, Michigan, USA (where GHS was founded in 1964), fresh-from-the-factory strings and music products are delivered direct to retail stores in the USA and to distributors in over 70 countries around the world.

With over 200 standard sets and 700 single strings, GHS has a set that is right for you.

String Design

The string specialists at GHS bring a craftsman-like approach to each aspect of string design. From material selection to such intricate factors as core-to-cover ratio, winding direction, wire tension and alteration of the wire, GHS designs state-of-the-art strings that enhance the sound quality of all playing styles and instruments. And with ongoing research, GHS develops string innovations that anticipate music trends and instrument modifications worldwide.

String Manufacturing

To build a quality product, state-of-the-art equipment is a necessity. At GHS, all strings are made on machinery designed and built in-house. The GHS design engineers utilize the latest technology to develop computer controlled string making machines that monitor such intricate parameters as the number and type of twists on the ball end, winding speed and direction, core and cover wire tension, cover wire angle and wind length. Modern quality control methods ensure that the final product meets GHS's rigid specifications.

Factory Fresh

GHS knows that you want your strings to be as fresh as the day they were made. All GHS facilities are environmentally regulated to control temperatures and humidity. Sensitive raw materials and bulk products are further wrapped in protective bags for storage. Coiled strings are placed in string packets that, in independent laboratory tests, have proven to offer the optimum protection from humidity. Finally, the GHS swift order shipment (usually within 24 hours of order placement) guarantees that GHS strings arrive in your retail store factory-fresh.

How String Material Affects Tone and Feel

The hardness of common materials used in the cover wire of strings affects both the tone and "feel" of a string. Usually, with all else remaining constant, the harder the material the brighter the string. This relationship shows why stainless steel produces a very bright sound and nickel, a softer material, produces a warmer sound. However, a hard material can be abrasive to both fingers and frets. At GHS, our unique "Alloy 52", used in Progressives and White Bronze strings, is softer and less abrasive than a stainless steel but produces a tone almost as bright. Common cover wire materials include (ranked by order of brightness) stainless steel, Alloy 52, nickel plated steel, pure nickel, and for acoustics, brass and bronze.

The core wire for all strings and all plain steel strings (both acoustic and electric) are made from tin plated Swedish steel."



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