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Fender Electric Bass Guitar Black Nylon Wound Long Scale , .058 - .110, 9120

Fender Electric Bass Guitar Black Nylon Wound Long Scale , .058 - .110, 9120
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By Tim
Redding, CA
Beautiful strings--looks and sound!
July 23, 2020
I put these on my Fender fretless J-bass. Man! They are SWEET! Smooth, articulate, warm and totally capable of growl and punch. Curiously, these being medium gauge and replacing a lighter gauge stock string, I did have to release some neck relief after a while leading me to believe these may have less tension. Lastly, I probably wouldn't use this as my only string if I had only 1 bass but I can't imagine anything else on my fretless.
Sounds great, looks great. Good price from Just Strings. None.
By David
Sandy, Utah
July 12, 2020
Love these strings. I tried flat wound and Nylon taper wound, but these are the best of both worlds. They respond like metal strings but have the smoothness of nylon strings. They sound clear but not too bright for smooth blues and classic rock. Perfect for my P-bass.
By Bones
Best of both worlds - great price!
January 1, 2015
Got these for a fretless bass I made. I thought they were the flat wound style like the black Rotos but in fact they are round wound strings of a slightly lower gauge that have been coated with black nylon. So they are smooth and won't scar your fingerboard but are brighter sounding than the normal flat wounds. They look cool too! Groovy baby!
By asifbass
cool strings
June 8, 2011
Haven't used with the band but I like the not-flat feel. Need to hear them LOUD.
By G S.
Very bright and warm too!
May 15, 2011
Roundwound brightness inside, nylon smoothness outside. Low tension so you'll have to get used to that, but really cool sounding, not to mention the cool black appearance against the maple board on my Jazz.
By Joshua C.
Interesting compromise...
April 29, 2011
These are basically (to my fingers and ears) rounds with a nylon coating. Sure, that's the typical tape-wound formula, but Fender uses a rather thin (and dense) coating that preserves a lot of the roundwound character in the string, mostly killing the highs and string noise but to nowhere near the extent it can be said of other tape-wound strings. Probably the "crunchiest" tape-wound you'll ever play. I don't really like how they feel, a bit stiff, but I'm sure it's something you can get used to. For fret or fingerboard preservation with a medium round-wound growl these might be just what the doctor ordered. As for me, I'll probably never return to them... but not bad.
By John C.
Fender Bass Nylon Tape-wound strings
December 6, 2010
Soft, clear, classy sound, and very easy on the fingers.
By Cooper
Great Stings
February 8, 2010
Great tone and feel!
By Michael L.
Hard to find set; Great Price!
August 26, 2009
Awesome strings! Much brighter than flatwounds.
Seem to me they clean easier as well. My flatwounds feel tacky or sticky to me after a few shows; and I am a freak about wiping down my basses after I play. The nylons slide better under my fingers.






1st G

Nylon Coated Roundwound



2nd D

Nylon Coated Roundwound



3rd A

Nylon Coated Roundwound



4th E

Nylon Coated Roundwound





Nylon Tapewound


"Your fretless bass will love these black tapewound strings and their cool, Jazzy tone. The flat nylon wrapping saves your fretless fingerboard from the wear caused by roundwound strings. Soft on the fingers and easy on the ears, Fender Nylon Tapewound strings are long lasting and very warm tonally. Expand your horizons and try a set!"

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