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Fiddle Strings

Complete sets are listed in the sections below. Individual fiddle strings can be found in the Single Strings section. See also Violin.
Black Diamond Fiddle Strings
D'Addario Fiddle Strings
John Pearse® Fiddle Strings
Pirastro Fiddle
A staple of bluegrass, folk and country music, the fiddle is a common term for a violin. The fiddle’s only true difference from a violin is the way that it’s played – known as fiddling. When you compare fiddle strings with violin strings, sets labeled “fiddle strings” typically have a brighter sound than violin strings and are less expensive. This is not to say that fiddle strings are inferior to violin strings. In many cases, steel violin strings can be played interchangeably for fiddling. The fiddle strings we carry only fit full scaled instruments, but players can use fractional-sized, steel violin strings to play their smaller fiddles. See our violin section for these strings. At JustStrings.com, we offer the best fiddle strings available designed by leading manufacturers, such as D’Addario, John Pearse, Super-Sensitive and Adamas. John Pearse strings are legendary in the bluegrass and country genres, and their aluminum/nickel wound on a steel core fiddle strings provide the projection, clarity and quick response necessary for fiddling. Known for their high quality violin strings, Super-Sensitive provides two sets of nickel wound, steel core fiddle strings with either a flat wound or plain E string. D’Addario’s popular fiddle strings are chrome, round wound. Your preferred brand may depend on the tone of your instrument and your preferred feel of the strings.
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