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Nickel-Plated Steel Roundwound (4250s, 5250s, 7250s)

Fender is credited with manufacturing the first electric bass strings. A legacy the company takes seriously. Fender nickel-plated, roundwound bass guitar strings are the standard for the company’s long history in bass string manufacturing. The Fender 4250s, 5250s and 7250s bass guitar strings all offer dynamic outputs by combining the versatile tone of steel with the smooth, easy finger action of nickel. Perfect for all styles of music that appreciate a little punch, nickel steel, roundwound Fender bass strings come in three scale sizes to fit your bass guitar. The Fender 4250 and 5250 bass strings are mini versions of the Super 7250s. Although these strings are short on scale, they are not short on tone. The Fender Steel Super 4250 strings are custom made for a 28.59 inch scale and are factory made for Fender’s P Bass Jr. The 5250s are custom for a 30 inch scale and provide great tone and enhanced sustain for smaller scaled bass guitars. The nickel-plated, steel roundwound Super 7250s are the Fender standard of long scale, 34 inch bass guitar strings and are celebrated for their sustain, bright and balanced tone, and durability. The Super 7250s are available in different gauges to complement all playing styles, and 7250 sets are also offered for five and six-string bass guitars.
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