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DR Strings Bass Extra Life Black Coated 5s, .045-.125, Black Beauties, MR5-BK-45

DR Strings Bass Extra Life Black Coated 5s, .045-.125, Black Beauties, MR5-BK-45
DR Strings
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By Rick L.
DR Black Coated bass strings
October 30, 2021
Love these strings on my Fender Jazz 5 string. The coating feels good on the figures and the tone is so good for the R&B/soul/Jazz our band plays. Thanks DR!! 👍
  • Love DR bass stings. I have 14 basses all are strung with various DR’s.
  • None
By Funkyfingers
Springfield Mo
Not what I expected
June 17, 2021
I had tried coated strings in the past with some disappointment. They no doubt last longer because of the coating..BUT...the tone is horrible compared to the regular steel string hexcore strings I'm used to. I generally use Rotosounds (Billy Sheehan set).
Going from my regular strings to the Black Beauties was like going from using a wood baseball bat to an aluminum one. If you can make the adjustment, they'll work. But for me, They feel loose (possibly because they are roundcore) and the coating feels cold and tinny. Very bright but I never hear the wood on the bass neck. its all string. I'm sure somebody will love these strings..but I definitely won't ever use coated strings again
  • They last long
  • They cost too much.
  • They feel horrible.
  • They sound loose and rattle.
  • No warmth.
By Brian M.
Great, but expensive
May 11, 2016
You pay for what you get, meaning, you get a great product, but you'll pay dearly for it. These are long-lasting, but they're not as long-lasting as the price would suggest. They don't equal twice the life for twice the price of a great lower-priced string. I use them for the sound, but also for the appearance. They could be more wallet-friendly, as most DR strings could. These do eat frets, from my experience. The coating is "dry" with some slight coating friction, which will grind on the frets, but not as fast as a venerable Stainless Steel string from Great Britain.

Otherwise, if you do buy these, they're quite bright, considering the coating, and although I prefer hex-core, these are better suited to lighter-handed players who bend strings often. They're very articulating!

I'd DEFINITELY buy these on a regular basis (a set every month), if they were priced about 30% lower. I only buy them on VERY special occasions (about once per year) at this price. Cost is a serious factor to players like me who change strings often.
By Curt S.
DR Black Beautyies
August 15, 2011
Love these strings. And they look awesome on my Carvin!
By Thom
Black Beauties
May 30, 2011
I bought these seeking an alternative to the elixirs that I've used on my fretless.

I've used several different types of DR strings over the years and these are awful, just awful.
If you do any sort of fast sliding you'll risk burn from the friction. The string feel for the right hand has a drag to it and if you look at the coating too hard it will come off. In fact my fingers were black from the coating wearing off after every show.

On top of it the tone is even worse than the Sunbeams (which I pulled off after five rehearsals and a gig).

I used to love DR strings but I think I've gotten over it. The Sunbeams and these have cured me.
By bassman8416
My new string of choice
April 19, 2011
I love the tone and feel of these strings, I play so many different styles of music and the DR Black Beauties cover everything.
By dave m.
black beauties 5 string
March 29, 2011
By Thumper J.
DR Black Beauties
December 9, 2010
These strings feel like flatwounds but are a bit brighter sounding. Work great on my Fender 5- string usa P-bass. The low B string is bright and clear, great definition. Pop, slap and finger style, these work for me.
By Joe
Black Strings
April 1, 2010
I have used the red guys on my 4 string for years. I recommend them. They are very smooth although will cause a slight burn with a really fast slide. I just bought the black guys for my 5 string. They seem very different. They feel a little sticky like someone ate a candy bar and then played my bass (that did not happen by the way) I'm not sure why the black dudes are different than the reds or maybe I just got a bad batch.
By John J.
DR Black Beauties
October 16, 2009
The best strings ever, the feel the sound and how long they last. The are the only strings that I want to play, plus the color is wat too cool! I play a Music Man 5 string with a natural finish and a black pic guard, the strings complete the look. It is about how they sound and feel but if they look cool while playing then there is no substitute. DR Black Beauties all the way!!!
By alan s.
rate and review
August 14, 2009
very good strings but the black coating doesn't hold up ...they work well on fretless basses but frets go right through in a few days .






1st G

EXTRA-Life Black Coated Round Wound



2nd D

EXTRA-Life Black Coated Round Wound



3rd A

EXTRA-Life Black Coated Round Wound



4th E

EXTRA-Life Black Coated Round Wound



5th B

EXTRA-Life Black Coated Round Wound




EXTRA-Life Coated StringsÔ

DR's EXTRA-Life bass strings are the world's finest coated bass strings. The coating includes a corrosion inhibitor for extra protection against damaging substances such as prespiration, dirt, humidity, and "acid hands".

DR's EXTRA-Life offers players a superior coated string without sacrificing the tone, clarity and volume of DR HandMade uncoated strings."




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