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Dominant Violin

Thomastik-Infeld Dominant violin strings are available many varieties. We carry full size 4/4 sets as well as 1/16, 1/8, ¼, and ½ size fractional sets. All Thomastik Dominant violin strings are available singly as well, if you need to create custom sets or replace broken strings. Thomastik Dominant violin strings are available with aluminum wound ball end E strings (set 135), with chrome steel ball end E strings (set 135B), and with chrome steel loop end E strings (set 135BMS)

Dominant violin strings feature a very flexible, multi-stranded nylon core. They are designed for violinists who prefer not to use steel strings.  Thomastik Dominant violin strings are also very popular. The popularity of Dominant violin strings is due to their musical similarity to gut strings and their lack of the disadvantages of gut. These violin strings have a soft, rich, sound full of overtones. They sound lively and brilliant, but not metallic. Dominants respond equally well to bowing and pizzicato playing. Thomastik violin strings have very good tuning stability, even under extreme climactic conditions.

Attention: It is important that you get the proper size set for your instrument. The winding length of the string must match the size of your instrument (4/4, ¾, etc.).

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