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EXL Nickel Round Wound Electric

When looking for a nickel plated steel string selection for your electric guitar, D’Addario has such a wide variety you are sure to find what you are looking for. Almost three dozen sets with the distinctive bright sound of nickel plated steel wound strings and D’Addario’s well known quality and reliability are available. All EXL Nickel Wound strings are precisely round wound on an hexagonal, high carbon steel core with high quality nickel plated steel wire. They have long life, superior intonation and will work for many different guitars and playing styles.

D’Addario’s EXL nickel round wound sets will carry you through numerous, musical options with great sound and durability. They can be found in gauges from super extra light to heavy. You also have the options of hybrid gauges (medium or light top with heavy or regular bottom), a rock jazz set, seven and eight string sets, drop tuning sets, a Nashville high tuning set and wound third sets.

Many of the most popular of these sets are available in bulk - three, ten and 25 set packs. The three and ten packs contain individually sealed sets. The 25 bulk pack has six compartments with 25 of each string in the set for easy removal.

The newest additions to D’Addario’s EXL nickel wound collection are the Balanced Tension sets. String gauges for these sets are precisely chosen to give more tension consistency from string to string greatly increasing your control and ease while playing. Guitar players will find that this better balance will work well for most any type of playing.

If you use a tremolo, D’Addario offers two EKXL sets with reinforced plain steel strings with soldered twists at every ball end making them especially durable for vibrato technique.

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