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Pro Steels Electric

With an ultra bright sound and superior corrosion resistance, D’Addario’s ProSteels have it all. Using D’Addario’s unique steel alloy round wound on a hex core, you can count on ProSteels to have volume, clarity and sustain with no harsh overtones. D'Addario ProSteels utilize an exclusive corrosion-resistant steel alloy that delivers super-bright tone without shrill overtones. They offer a palette of harmonically rich, brilliantly penetrating highs combined with pronounced, tight-and-tough lows. If you're looking for more crunch, bite, and sustain, ProSteels are the choice for you.

Steel, round wound strings made from corrosion-resistant steel give the six ProSteel sets ultra brilliant highs and strong, punchy lows with increased sustain. They are offered in gauges from extra super light (.008-.038) to jazz medium (.013-.056). An EPS510 set player reports, “A good alternative to nickel for a harder edged sound. I use them … for increased volume and in-the-face clarity”. Another customer says these strings are “very responsive/sensitive.”
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