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Gypsy Jazz Acoustic

Gypsy style, jazz guitar playing was popularized by Django Reinhardt in the first half of the 20th century in Europe. He is still considered one of the finest guitar players of all time, and has been cited as a musical influence by many of today’s most accomplished guitar players.

D’Addario has specially gauged a set of silver plated copper wound strings with plain steel strings that will bring out the “Django” in your playing. You will find they have a warm, projecting sound perfect for gypsy jazz. JustStrings.com has many customers who have responded enthusiastically to these strings saying they really enjoy their “tone, playability and feel.” Especially for the fingerstyle playing that Django Reinhardt is known for, players extol their “excellent sound and responsiveness”.

Two gauge choices are available, light or medium, both offered in ball or loop ends.

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