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Folk Guitar

Folk guitar players will find that D’Addario offers a selection of strings that will meet the various needs for folk, acoustic playing. Bass strings can be found in silver wound, 80/20 bronze and silk and steel. Trebles are either clear nylon, black nylon or plain steel. You will find all D’Addario folk guitar strings have a ball end to accommodate both classical and steel string guitars.

With the 80/20 bronze wound basses, you have a choice of either clear or black nylon trebles. Players have reported that they find the black nylon slightly mellower than the clear nylon. Even warmer than the 80/20 bronze sets and perhaps slightly longer lasting are those with silver plated copper basses.

Our customers have reported that they enjoy the 80/20 bronze set with the clear nylon trebles for their good mid range tone with just a little brightness. Another says that the black nylon trebles and silver wound basses of the EJ32 set “feel great and sound even better,” and praise their nice deep tones when drop tuned for “acoustic metal” style playing.

The silk and steel strings are specially gauged for fingerstyle playing, a traditional style that works well with “the warm, sweet” sound of these strings and their ease in finger picking. These distinctive characteristics occur because of the layer of “silk” between the core and the silver plated, copper wound strings softening the strings to a lighter touch and mellower sound. D’Addario says these strings work well with the small body guitars preferred by many folk players.

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