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Flat Tops Acoustic

The four, round wound strings in D’Addario’s Flat Top sets are flattened by a precision polishing process essentially creating semi-flat, acoustic strings. These strings have virtually no finger noise, but still maintain the excellent volume and tone of phosphor bronze strings. This quality is especially valued in recording work and slide playing. Our customers call them “loud, smooth and warm” and praise their treble to bass balance. They are available in extra light, light and medium gauges to accommodate most playing needs.

Not found in this section, but also a Flat Top set, is D’Addario’s resophonic set, EFT13, with the same semi-flat, phosphor bronze strings. They have the tone and tension specifically gauged for resophonic guitar, but because they have Flat Top’s polished surface string noise is greatly reduced. You can find them at http://www.juststrings.com/dad-eft13.html?cmp=nextopia&kw=dad-eft13.

Made entirely in the United States at their Farmingdale, New York facility, all D’Addario strings are secured in anti-rust and environmentally responsible packaging to maintain optimum freshness.

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