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D'Addario Double Bass Helicore Hybrid Medium 3/4, HH610-M

D'Addario Double Bass Helicore Hybrid Medium 3/4, HH610-M
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By AkronBassGuy T.
Copley, Ohio
Great bass strings
May 2, 2022
I've been using D'Addario HH610 medium strings for my 3/4 Kay upright bass for several years, and like them very much. They work well for both Pizz and Arco. I play mostly bluegrass and these strings are not hard on my hands. They also respond well to bowing. Reasonable cost for decent strings.
  • Great sound and sustain for Pizz and bowing. Reasonable cost.
  • Not much.
By trickdog
D'Addario Bass Helicore Hybrid Medium 3/4, HH610-M
May 12, 2011
I've had them on my bass a month and I am very pleased. After a lifetime of Spirocores I am getting a similar growl and buzz, a more compact tone and MUCH less tension, which both my hands and instrument like a lot. Oh yeah - half the price of Spiros.
By Lorne
HH610-M strings
April 15, 2011
I'm a beginner upright bass player .... re-strung my bass with these strings and I'm very pleased with the improvement in sound and playability.
By Paul
D'Addario Bass Helicore Hybrid Medium 3/4
December 22, 2009
I am enjoying them so far. I have had them about a month now, and once the initial brightness wore off, they started giving me a nice punchy sound. They are still perhaps a little bright for my tastes, but sometime that brightness can work to your advantage in trying to cut through the band. I play them almost exclusively in a jazz setting. I hope they have some longevity. We'll see.






1st G

Nickel Wound



2nd D

Nickel Wound



3rd A

Nickel Wound



4th E

Nickel Wound




Helicore Bass

"The standard Helicore bass strings, introduced in 1994, have met with worldwide acclaim. These stranded steel core strings (standard H610 models) provide unprecedented ease of bowing and the warm, natural tone one would expect from a fine gut core string.

In 1996, with the help of D'Addario Musician's Advisory Board members, D'Addario completed development of additional Helicore double bass string varieties. The new strings include the HP series, designed specifically for the bassist who plays pizzicato, HH series, for those who play a broad range of musical styles, and HS series, for solo orchestral work.

The HH series has improved pizzicato sustain over the standard orchestral models, yet still provides excellent bow response for arco passages. The HP series provides even more sustain and "growl" when played pizzicato. The HS series is a solo tuning version (one full step above normal pitch) of the standard orchestral Helicore strings."


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