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D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze Environmental Lite, .012 - .053, EJ16

D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze Environmental Lite, .012 - .053, EJ16
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By Stavros
June 13, 2016
Great Strings
I bought a guitar which had these strings fitted. I tried another brand and hated them. I put these strings on and they are great, well balanced sound. I do a lot of string bending as well and the wound strings don't break at the fret lines. I bought some of these strings on Ebay and they must of been fakes as the gauges didn't match what they were supposed to be, so that the last time I'm buying strings from Ebay. Just Strings have been great with delivery as I live in Australia.
By Gtrdancer1
May 28, 2014
Tastes like chicken..get 'em when their hot.
I'm an invested fingerstyle guitarist. Played for 32 yrs, taught for 15. Used many different brands over the years. Only recently found out a hero of mine endorses these strings, too. None of that really matters. It's 'what sounds good when you play that first note or strum that first chord'..out of the package. Also, what matters is.. (and more importantly sometimes).. are they fresh? Do they move (off the shelves).. This is a high profile string. They don't 'sit around' long. That's a plus and many people don't even consider that when choosing a string. Regardless, I do enjoy the tonal qualities of these strings. Perfect balance. I personally wish the 6th was a 54, but you can't have everything. :) Finding the goldie locks zone is like finding the Holy Grail. There are compromises sometimes. The high end on this brand isn't shrill, like Martin EC's. They are brighter than GHS, however. Lots of behind the scenes stuff goes on at D'Addario which undoubtedly contributes to the price tag. I care about the environment, too. Willing to pay a few extra cents for that. Players Points program, which they *tried* to axe came back due to player response. Good for them. They listened. I have had only 3-4 issues in 15 yrs with their strings. Not bad, not bad at all! They took care of it, too. Bottom line: Great low end, moderate mids and clear defined highs. Never shrill or harsh. I change every two weeks, when I'm seriously playing out, so tone is more important. They have it. Food for thought: If you get a string that is too exclusive or an 'off brand', you run the risk of getting a DOA package. Like chicken at fast food. You go when *everybody else goes*, peak meal times, if you want it fresh, juicy and hot. Just sayin'.
By paul
June 16, 2013
none better
The gold standard of acoustic guitar strings. Period.
By Kenny Burg
October 22, 2012
Great strings at a great price!
I have been playing guitar for 40 years. I've tried many different strings on many different guitars. My choice for all of my acoustic guitars, for a few years now, has been D'Addario. The strings are just as good (or better) than any other premium brand, yet can be had for much less. The fact that they're made by an environment-friendly company right here in the USA is just icing on the cake!
By Chaunce
August 28, 2012
Great Sounding Strings!
No Frills, Just great sounding strings. Makes a guitar sounsd like it is supposed to sound. Beautiful for Martins!
By Leroy edinger
February 17, 2011
D'Addario Giutar strings
I'm new at the Guitar, I replaced the strings with D'Addarrio because that's what was on it. They work great and sound great.
By Gary
January 5, 2011
D'Addario Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze Environmental Lite, .012 - .053, EJ16
Great sounding strings for my Martin.
By kamlapati
November 15, 2010
The Standard
The strings you choose make a big difference in your tone. I love these strings for small and lightweight acoustic guitars, like my Taylor 712. They also sound good on my National 'O'. This is the standard sound and string for acoustic guitars. Start here.
By Bill
May 5, 2010
D'addario acoustic phosphor bronze
I've tried other strings, but always come back to D'addario. I use them for 4 different instruments.
By Rick
March 1, 2010
D'addario strings
These phosphor bronze lights are as good as it gets.
By Dan Baker
February 21, 2010
D'Addario Bronze Environmental Lite .012-.053
I've tried other strings but I always come back to D'Addario Lites, they feel good and always sound great.
By Dick Lanham
December 21, 2009
D'Addario EJ16 strings are recommended by my guitar's manufacturer, and sound just the way I like for Hawaiian ki ho`alu. For lower tunings, I have also used EJ19's. In addition, I support the D'Addario company's commitment to keeping manufacturing and quality control in the USA.
By Greg
September 19, 2009
The best for me
Great tone, long life and volume make this set perfect for what I do every day.
By Charlton Phaneuf
August 14, 2009
Addicted to D'Addario
I've been using D'Addario strings for many moons. The phosphorus/bronze light gauge acoustic strings have been my preference time after time because of their durability, tone & longevity. The feel of these strings pleases my fingertips and gives me the confidence I need when performing. Thanks D'Addario!






1st E

Plain Steel Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Ball End



3rd G

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound



4th D

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound



5th A

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound



6th E

Phosphor Bronze Round Wound



Al DiMeola, Liz Phair and Edwin McCain use EJ16.


"In 1974, D'Addario pioneered the use of phosphor bronze wire for the winding of acoustic guitar strings. D'Addario phosphor bronze strings were an instant and enduring success. A more costly alloy, phosphor bronze was widely known as a durable, long-lasting material used in machine bushings and bearings. After months of searching, a wire company was located that agreed to make sample wires for testing on music strings. The results made history. D'Addario phosphor bronze strings are bright sounding and retain their brilliance longer than other bronze and brass alloys.

Round wound phosphors are available in 6 different gauges for 6 string guitar, 3 gauges for 12 string, and 4 gauges in the Flat Tops series. Flat Tops are round wound phosphor bronze strings that are lightly polished to reduce finger noise and fret wear, and are an excellent choice for noise-fee recording."

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