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D'Addario Electric Guitar Half Round Stainless Regular Lite, .010 - .046, EHR310

D'Addario Electric Guitar Half Round Stainless Regular Lite, .010 - .046, EHR310
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By Sheldon
Erie, PA
Love these!
April 18, 2021
I just switched from 11s to 10s on my Strat (got a new gig requiring a lot more bending), and these strings made a huge difference in feel and tone. Highly recommended.
Prosgreat feel no noise moving up and down the neck long lasting stay in tune for months never broke one bending is easy
By Garland
No string screech on octaves
December 1, 2019
I play a lot of octaves which on regular wound strings makes a screeching sound when moving around. These strings solve that problem
ProsStays in tune No screech last until you just what to change strings for no apparent good reason
By Mark P.
D’Addario Half Round stainless
November 8, 2019
I’ve never been a big fan of D’Addario. If you pinch your finger around their unwound string and run your fingers up and down the strings you’ll feel how inconsistent they are compared with other strings.
But I thought I’d give these a try as I am looking for something quiter for changing chords in one of my songs. They do help with that but I prefer GHS offering. I have a set of SIT yet to try.
Also I always disliked the way D’Addario strings are packaged. 2 strings in one. Not a deal breaker but it’s ridiculous.
ProsThey do quiet the finger movements on your guitar neck.
ConsAs mentioned above
By Kyle H.
D'Addario Half Rounds
March 15, 2018
Man these are a pain to find, but I've discovered I can't live without them. I've been playing for over 35 years. Somewhere along the way I got introduced to D'Addario strings and they've been my string since then. On "oh my god, I'm out of strings, help" occasions, I've used other brands and I immediately come back for all the right reasons.
1) They last. Good tone, take a beating, stay in tune, don't break as quick as others...by a long shot.
2) Do you need a 2??

I have coated bronze on my 6 and 12 string acoustics and I recently acquired a new Fender Strat with some standard strings on it. I liked the strings fine enough but decided to try to NYXL strings. They are deluxe and amazing, but my fingers, over 20(?) years, have grown accustom to the half rounds and so have my ears. It's just not right without them.

So here I will shop, forever, as long as they keep making them.

D'Addario...if you ever decide to stop, contact me, and let me buy the last batch. I don't want another, ever.

Unless you do NYXL's in half rounds...
By jay p.
very versatile
January 7, 2013
first i bought a regular light set for a gretsch jet and extra lights for a telecaster, with the g-string out of the regular set. great, no finger noise.

as an experiment i strung the electric EHR310 onto an open tuned 585mm short scale acoustic with a naturally very good projection. F - Bb - F - Bb - D - F tuning and i am extremely fond of this one.

there is a lot of give in half rounds and they stay bright, because there is no gunk building up in the winding gaps to dull the sound. a little hint before putting on half rounds: it's a good idea to pull each string through a rag with metho twice along the length. this will get rid of sticky residue left behind from factory grinding. this is the only minor point i would like to put to d'addario. otherwise: best strings !
By lee m.
1/2 round wound guitar strings
August 16, 2011
don't sound quite right when tuned with electronic tuner the two bass strings. i plan on trying something else soon thank you for your concern lee
By Quist
1/2 Rounds
June 2, 2011
My Wife uses these strings on her Telecaster... good thing too as she makes dogs ears bleed from the treble... these strings remove the icepick from your ears... and make her fingers last longer , gig after gig . They don't sound like old flat wounds.. no mud here. And as few players use them.. it gives a different dimension to the overall sonic balance within our band. Check them out .. it may surprise you .
By Mike O.
April 15, 2011
I've been a devoted fan of these strings for many years and use them on all my electrics, but I substitute a wound third. It makes for better tuning and fuller sound. I'd never change to another brand or set.
By Bill
D'Addario Half Rounds
March 14, 2011
Great strings--the feel on the fretboard is superb, and they sound great--full and vibrant.

I use the 10s on my standard scale Fenders, and 11s on my short-scale Fender (24") and PRSi (25").

No issues with wear, though I don't play out.
By David B.
D'Addario Half Round strings
April 10, 2010
For me, these are the best and most versatile all-around string. They are, to my ears, a bit brighter than pure nickel roundwound strings, and almost as bright as standard nickel-plated roundwounds. Finger noise is dramatically reduced, and the transition from wound to plain strings is not as jarring tonally as on a set of flatwounds. I use .010's for rock-style playing, and .012's on my archtop for a great jazz tone.
By Chris M.
D'Addario EHR310
January 13, 2010
The only stringmaker to produce this type of string. I play Godin SA model guitars and do a lot of modeling with the VG99. When you build guitar sounds you want presence with neutrality from your primary instrument; half-rounds are my string of choice because they remain a tonally and dynamically consistent baseline for adding color entirely through processing; they are live without being ringy or clangy. Unprocessed they are classic jazz in timbre, smooth and fat and great with piezos.
By Keith M.
D'Addario EHR310 10-46 review
August 14, 2009
Great strings when new - no "zipper" sound on slurs but the wound strings go dull pretty quickly.






1st E

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



2nd B

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



3rd G

Plain Steel Locked Twist Ball End



4th D

Stainless Steel Half Round Wound



5th A

Stainless Steel Half Round Wound



6th E

Stainless Steel Half Round Wound




"Always in search of better string-making materials, D'Addario turned to 400-series magnetic stainless steel in the mid 1970's. Stainless steel wound strings offer even more brilliance than their nickel-plated counterparts, and the alloy is well suited for Half Roundâ and flat wound string constructions.

The round wound XLS line mirrors the sets in the XL nickel-plated series, combining the popularity of XL round wound strings with the unique qualities of steel. D'Addario Chromes are made with precision flat (ribbon) outer windings and polished to a fine high-luster. Each Chromes string is wound and polished on the same machine, with the string tension remaining constant between processes. Long the choice of jazz and fusion players, Chromes are available in three popular gauges.

In 1976, D'Addario developed the Half Roundâ grinding process, which made available "the third kind of string". Each Half Roundâ string starts as an oversized precision round wound string and is centerless-ground to a smooth, precise final diameter. With a tone in between their round wound and flat wound peers, D'Addario Half Roundsâ offer the advantages of a smooth exterior string (reducing finger noise and fret wear) while maintaining some of the brightness of a round wound string."

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