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D'Addario Bouzouki Strings

D'Addario Bouzouki, .010 - .028, EJ97
Price: $5.93
D'Addario Irish Bouzouki Phosphor Bronze, EJ81
Price: $7.46
D’Addario offers strings for 8-string Greek and Irish bouzoukis, plus the 6-string Greek bouzouki. The strings, installed in three or four courses of two strings each, are nickel plated steel and plain steel for the Greek bouzouki. The Irish bouzouki strings are phosphor bronze wound and plain steel. All the sets will bring a brilliant, characteristic sound to your instrument and will fit instruments of various scales. They are produced as with all D’Addario strings to the exacting specifications of bouzouki players worldwide with D’Addario’s own computized, laser guided equipment. You can depend on a consistent, precision product every time.

Bouzoukis and their strings have developed over hundreds of years of Turkish history. They were brought to Greece in the early 1900’s and to Ireland in the late 1960’s. Before the 1950’s the trichordo (three courses), six-string bouzouki held favor in Greece where it had become a mainstay in traditional Greek, rebetika music. About mid century, the 8-string, tetrachordo (four courses) bouzouki with its more guitar-like tuning began to gain favor and migrate to use in Irish and even Scandinavian music.

The bouzouki was historically a lute-like, long neck instrument with its rounded back carved from one block of wood with three courses of strings and played with a plectrum. The Greek developed a staved, but still rounded back bouzouki and tuned it e-b'-e' and d-g-b'-e'. The later Irish bouzouki, usually tuned g-d-a-d, now has an almost flat back.
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